Portrait Photography; The Ideal Home Business

Written by Tom Ray, CPP

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I have people come to me who went torepparttar contract photographer for their High School Senior yearbook portrait and disliked their picture. They want me to take one that they can proudly give out to friends and family. Usuallyrepparttar 150272 problem withrepparttar 150273 pictures I've seen is thatrepparttar 150274 photography school graduate “intern” who works forrepparttar 150275 contract photographer tookrepparttar 150276 photo without paying attention to some minor detail. I get it right and my reputation grows from “fixing”repparttar 150277 contract photographer's mistake. The techniques for salable body positioning are what you look for in any pose you try whether close-up or full body. When photographing people full body standing, seated or reclining onrepparttar 150278 ground, noticing body angle, hands and feet isrepparttar 150279 way to “fine tune” your portrait and distinguish it from just a “snapshot”. Lastly, I must share my favorite body positioning tool that makes it so easy to make a better portrait than someone who doesn't really know what they're doing:repparttar 150280 head tilt. A woman alone tilts her head just slightly in either direction to make a more stunning portrait. A man's head can stay straight up or tilt slightly away inrepparttar 150281 opposite direction from his most forward shoulder but never back towards his most forward shoulder. Element number Three: Salable Composition There are many compositional techniques in many books, but it doesn't take all that knowledge to make portrait compositions that are whatrepparttar 150282 typical consumer considers good enough to call professional. Once you know whatrepparttar 150283 consumer considers salable, you will be able to reproduce it again and again for other clients. You also will thank me for saving you from thinking that in order to be good enough to sell portrait photography you have to create grand artistic images. You just have to know what works and be able to repeat it forrepparttar 150284 friends of your clients whom will be getting your business cards by way of referral. When photographing one individual person, it's so simple I don't think you need too much input for that. In fact, I believe you knowrepparttar 150285 naive simplicity with which you thought “hey, I can do this for a living” after taking some portraits of a friend or family member. Yet it truly gets challenging when there is more than one person involved. I know of a local professional who has referred family portrait clients to me as she specializes in children outdoors. Do you know what that really means? It means she's intimidated by having to do groupings, but that's okay, most people are. So here'srepparttar 150286 rule of salable composition: Keep everybody's head at a different level. Like I told you, I didn't have a fancy College degree so my mentor had to keep it simple enough for me. In some cases, you will recognize that it's not possible, but if you do your best to stagger head height from individual to individual, you will be creating professional looking images. You will stand some people, seat some in chairs, seat some onrepparttar 150287 arms of chairs, seat some onrepparttar 150288 floor, kneel some, crouch some, lay some down, but you will achieve staggered head heights and salable compositions. Tip heads inward toward one another for unity when photographing a family group. Note that men are usually positioned higher than women. No, I'm not aware of being a chauvinist pig, but I am aware that this is what usually sells. Notrepparttar 150289 images where mom's higher than dad but where dad (even if he's actually shorter!) is positioned just a head or so above mom. Once you understandrepparttar 150290 rules, you can bend them where you need to in order to make a portrait work; but people will see that you know what you're doing as you position them for a good composition and especially when they see your finished work. My mentor critiqued my work time and time again over several years as I brought images and questions to him. It almost always boiled down to my understanding these most simple aspects that I've shared with you. I know it's not customary to learn photography on such simplistic terms, but trust me; I've had exposure overrepparttar 150291 years to many different photography educational venues such as classes, workshops, conventions, guest speakers, lectures, teaching videos and books but never have any ofrepparttar 150292 teachers been willing to simply say “look, there are just a few rules to follow and people will be happy with their pictures”. Never have I received more helpful advice than I received from my mentor. This isrepparttar 150293 reason I've written "Professional Photography: Success Without School." Not because schools have no place inrepparttar 150294 lives of photographer hopefuls, it's just that they are notrepparttar 150295 only way to guarantee success inrepparttar 150296 business. I guess if I could sum uprepparttar 150297 philosophy my mentor embodied in word form I'd say it was rather like this: “Not everybody wants a masterpiece. Most people just want to remember their loved ones as happy. It's not hard to capture that with your camera, just don't stand them in hard sunlight, standing in a straight line facing straight towardrepparttar 150298 camera.”

-Tom Ray is a Certified Professional Photographer through the Professional Photographers of America. If you are interested in his full story please go to: www.rayphotography.com/ebookAD.html

MLM Recruiting- Cold Market Prospecting- 5 HOT SCORCHING Opening Phrases

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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2) "I am introducing myself."

This sets up an important paradigm. You are takingrepparttar initiative to introduce and meet people inrepparttar 150244 community, and you are a take charge type of person. And it shows you really want to meet folks, as well it shows Leadership.

3) "I love networking with other professionals."

This states one thing: You value other professionals as a resource. And you also show that you appreciaterepparttar 150245 fact that networking does work inrepparttar 150246 business world And also that as a resource, a professional has value to you and your Network Marketing business, and vice versa.

4) "Maybe there is a way we could help each other."

This establishes that you are willing to Increase and Improve your prospects business and life. And also you do care about helping people, plus you are showing Potential value right upfront.

5) "Would you be open for coffee sometime?"

This isrepparttar 150247 proactive part of it, and it simply gives them a chance to engagerepparttar 150248 budding relationship,or not. Most professionals do have an interest in increasing their business, so you will get some interest, and some time with many of them.

But if they say they are not interested?

Be a professional, and thank them for their time and wish them well. And see if you can get a card for a thank you note to send them.

"May I at least have a card in case I run across someone who would want your services?"

Understand that you as a network marketer should be out weekly meeting folks who may need your products and looking for you. But most don't do that as they stay tied to one or two ways to prospect.

You need Multiple Lead Vehicles in Network Marketing.


Millionaires in this business have multiple lead generating vehicles working for them, allrepparttar 150249 time, everywhere, with anyone who is looking.

In your Cold market Network Marketing Prospecting, make sure of this:

You put yourself onrepparttar 150250 other side ofrepparttar 150251 table think about how would you like to be approached, and treated. Then do it, with these phrases or variations of them. And turn your Cold prospect into a warming up prospect, then eventually a Scorching HOT MLM Prospect.

It worked for me for years, and I was blessed to build huge organizations with these Cold Market Prospecting Phrases for MLM and Network Marketing Recruiting.


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