Portrait Photography

Written by Roy Barker

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If you want to flatter your subject, you'll probably want to minimize their nose. Stand about twelve feet from your subject, so that their nose isn't significantly closer to you thanrepparttar rest ofrepparttar 146502 face. However, at such a large distance fromrepparttar 146503 camera, if you want to fillrepparttar 146504 frame with just your subject's face, then you need a high magnification lens. Typical "portrait" lenses are therefore between 90 and 135 millimeters long when you are using a 35mm camera.

Whilst a lot of portrait photography is completed inside a studio,repparttar 146505 prospect of natural light can be very flattering. This can be achieved inside by positioning your subject in front of a window. Environmental portraiture presents different challenges. These portraits are best enlarges, otherwiserepparttar 146506 subjects face gets lost inrepparttar 146507 background. Slow film andrepparttar 146508 use of a tripod; help to keep your images sharp. There are a number of professional photographers who argue that a portrait is not shown to it’s best advantage when it is clinically sharp and they use a filter, but with modern digital cameras, you can make an adjustment in Photoshop at a later time. However if you are using a digital camera you will achieverepparttar 146509 best results with a camera with a true single reflex lens.

Natural light or umbrella lighting can achieve soft lighting; both of these reduce shadows and showrepparttar 146510 face in a “better more attractive light”. However there is another type of portrait photography, which is high impact photography. This is a very dramatic type of portrait photography, which uses very strong light with a high contrast of tonal color. This technique is more effective indoors, as it is achieved by controlling light, and their is too much light to control out of doors. Position your subject at different angles torepparttar 146511 light, from one side, or from underneath. This lengthensrepparttar 146512 shadows, rather than muting them, and gives a distinctly dramatic effect. You can achieve this in varying degrees, but ifrepparttar 146513 light source is placed at 90 degrees torepparttar 146514 face, it will throwrepparttar 146515 whole ofrepparttar 146516 opposite side ofrepparttar 146517 face in shadow. If you are using a digital camera you can also manipulaterepparttar 146518 contrast later to achieve a more dramatic effect.

You can also improve your photographs if you include some motion shots, as well asrepparttar 146519 traditional stills. Just make sure that you userepparttar 146520 correct film speeds.

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Choosing Carpeting For Your Home

Written by Catherine Olivia

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If you are looking to carpet a high traffic area, or have a limited budget, carpet tiles are another option. Carpet tiles can be purchased for around $1.00 per square foot. Carpet tiles usually come in 18 inch squares and are made of a tough nylon loop that will not unravel. They don't require padding as normal carpeting does, although some do come with a padded underside. Carpet tiles are an easy do-it-yourself project for any homeowner.

The next consideration would be color and/or pattern of carpeting. Light carpeting colors create a spacious effect, making a room seem larger. Light color carpets of course show soil much more easily than dark. However, most stain and soil treatments put on carpeting today do help to prevent this problem. Dark or dull carpet colors will absorb light givingrepparttar room what some call a "cozy" feeling. Rugs with patterns will make a space seem smaller. Your color choice could be based onrepparttar 146457 paint color used on your walls. It is suggested that if you do this,repparttar 146458 color ofrepparttar 146459 carpet be darker thanrepparttar 146460 color onrepparttar 146461 walls. Also, when choosing your carpet remember thatrepparttar 146462 carpet installed on your floor will appear darker thanrepparttar 146463 small sample you see inrepparttar 146464 store. Ask to take carpet samples home so that you can see how they actually appear in daylight and at night.

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