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Written by Shannan Hearne-Fortner

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How do you market on a portal site?

Very muchrepparttar same way that you market on any internet web site. You can purchase banner advertising or text links. You can provide valuable content torepparttar 128016 portal site and therefore often times get your marketing message out by way of a byline or a link free of charge. You can participate inrepparttar 128017 community. You can sponsor contests or moderate forums or chat boards. Virtually anything you do on a relevant portal site will fall underrepparttar 128018 category of marketing. Because any way in which you make your presence heard, seen, or felt you are reaching your target market.

There are portal web sites for just about anything you could want. http://www.primmart.com is a portal site for primitive and rustic shopping. http://www.mommyportal.com is a portal site for mom business marketing. http://www.moneymakingmommy.com is a portal site for work at home opportunities. http://www.wahm.com is a portal site for work at home mom resources on everything underrepparttar 128019 sun. http://www.thenetworkforwomen.com is a portal site of all things of interest to women onrepparttar 128020 internet. http://www.i-Cop.org is a portal site for businesses onrepparttar 128021 internet who have made an effort to police themselves and each other, providing internet shoppers and consumers with superior service every time. Evenrepparttar 128022 category pages within The Open Directory Project http://www.dmoz.com are in effect portal sites. A brand new portal site for moms doing business onrepparttar 128023 internet is http://www.internetbasedmoms.com.

If you want to find a portal site on which you can begin doing targeted advertising, run a search. Because of their high link popularity status, a great search engine to use is Google.com

What if, unthinkable though it might be, a portal web site doesn't exist that reaches your target market?

The answer is so easy I can hardly believe you would ask. Start one!

Internet real estate is stillrepparttar 128024 best buy going. Find a relevant domain name that is available. Register it. Host it. And build it. Shazaam. You are now in a position to portal market.

But how do I build a portal?

Compile relevant resources for people and build a site around it. As traffic levels grow you will be able to sell advertising space. But remember that whetherrepparttar 128025 portal site itself ever actually turns a profit or not, it is stillrepparttar 128026 cheapest and most targeted advertising space available.

What arerepparttar 128027 added bonuses for setting up your own portal site to use as a marketing tool?

Much like publishing an ezine or writing articles, you are continuing to build yourself as a leader and knowledge base in your field. And that is probablyrepparttar 128028 most powerful marketing of all!

Shannan Hearne-Fortner is the President and Wizard of http://www.SuccessPromotions.com Marketing Your e-Business Better through creative marketing and knowledge. Guerrilla Marketing. One-to-One Marketing. Relationship Marketing. Your Marketing.

A Visit with Adam Soroca, a Representative from Terra Lycos

Written by Robin Nobles

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Adam: “Correct!”

Question: “Whererepparttar paid placement is a cost per click, your placement is then based onrepparttar 128015 bid placed for a particular keyword?”

Adam: “Yes, exactly.”

Question: “If you aren't indexed and would like to buy pay per click, where wouldrepparttar 128016 cost per click be linked to?”

Adam: “The cost-per-click ads go to any page that you want provided that you have content that is relevant torepparttar 128017 keyword that you bid on. The cost-per-click ads are completely separate fromrepparttar 128018 index. You do not have to be inrepparttar 128019 index to bid onrepparttar 128020 ads. The ads arerepparttar 128021 'advertisement' onrepparttar 128022 right hand side ofrepparttar 128023 page.”

Question: “We are talking about cost per click (ad placement) and paid inclusion. My question is, if you don't pay for inclusion and pay for ad placement, would you be indexed with FAST or Lycos search engines?”

Adam: “No, they’re completely independent. Paid inclusion gets you intorepparttar 128024 Web index. Paid placement buys you space onrepparttar 128025 Web results page. You can have either or both, but they do not work together per se. However, it helps to purchase both for broad exposure through paid inclusion and targeted exposure throughrepparttar 128026 CPC ads.”

Question: “In your new InSite AdBuyer program, FindWhat providesrepparttar 128027 technology but NOTrepparttar 128028 results for your pay-per-click ads, is that correct?”

Adam: “We have private labeledrepparttar 128029 FindWhat ad auction platform end-to-end. Lycos engages in relationships withrepparttar 128030 advertisers directly.”

Question: “Where arerepparttar 128031 sponsored listings from?”

Adam: “Those are provided by Overture, which is similar in concept. Advertisers are bidding forrepparttar 128032 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions throughout Overture's network.”

Question: “What isrepparttar 128033 purpose ofrepparttar 128034 “Fast Forward” button in your search results? I notice that usingrepparttar 128035 button opens up a framed page whererepparttar 128036 left frame showsrepparttar 128037 search results including Overture ads, andrepparttar 128038 current site is highlighted. Does this button make it easier to visitrepparttar 128039 current results, and is that its purpose?”

Adam: “That is exactlyrepparttar 128040 purpose. We are trying to giverepparttar 128041 searchers an easier way to browse throughrepparttar 128042 pages that are served as results.”

Question: “Is it necessary to submit to both FAST and Lycos, either through free Add URL or pay inclusion, or does submitting to FAST get your site listed in both indexes?”

Adam: “Web site owners and marketers can submit torepparttar 128043 FAST index either through Lycos or directly to FAST. There is no difference inrepparttar 128044 indexes. Lycos search results are powered by FAST.”

Question: “Doesrepparttar 128045 #1 result from Kanoodle still show up in some Lycos searches?”

Adam: “No. Kanoodle does not provide results on Lycos.”

Question: “Arerepparttar 128046 results fromrepparttar 128047 Lycos Web Sites Directory (ODP results) mixed in withrepparttar 128048 FAST results or only available throughrepparttar 128049 Web Directory link atrepparttar 128050 top ofrepparttar 128051 page?”

Adam: “Only FAST results appear inrepparttar 128052 Web result listings.”

In Conclusion

If you don’t have visibility inrepparttar 128053 Lycos search engine (http://www.lycos.com), you have several choices. You can pay for inclusion inrepparttar 128054 FAST index (http://www.positiontech.com/fast/index.htm), which will get you inrepparttar 128055 regular search results for Lycos. You can also participate in their InSite AdBuyer program (http://insite.lycos.com/searchservices/), a new cost-per-click advertising program. Or, purchase keywords through Overture (http://www.overture.com), which will also get you visibility in Lycos.

Atrepparttar 128056 top ofrepparttar 128057 Lycos page, you’ll see a link torepparttar 128058 Web Directory, which is where ODP results are found. ODP results can only be found through this link, and they’re not mixed in withrepparttar 128059 FAST results. However, making sure that your site is listed inrepparttar 128060 ODP (http://dmoz.org) is another way to get added visibility throughrepparttar 128061 Lycos search engine.

Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, (http://www.academywebspecialists.com) has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing courses (http://www.onlinewebtraining.com). She also teaches 4-day hands on search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe with Search Engine Workshops (http://www.searchengineworkshops.com).

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