Portable Careers for Military Spouses

Written by Victoria M. Parham

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Portable careers are especially appealing to spouses who are self disciplined, enjoy working alone and are comfortable using technology. The types of careers a spouse can start include: writing, editing, secretarial support, virtual assistance, translations, transcription, information research and retrieval, photography, interviewer andrepparttar list goes on and on. Creativity is key when considering a portable career or virtual business.

Important facts to keep in mind when starting any type of business: be sure to check your local laws (business licensing, zoning, etc.), if you are thinking about starting a business from government quarters be sure to check with your base housing and/or JAG office for authorization.

Remember,repparttar 107121 next time your spouse announces those three little words ďHoney, weíre movingĒ, simply pack your career and letís go. Untilrepparttar 107122 next time, happy virtual officing!

To learn more aboutrepparttar 107123 Virtual Business Owners Initiative go to: www.vsscyberoffice.com/vbo.

Victoria Parham is the president and chief technology officer for VSSCyberOffice.com, a forerunner in the virtual support services industry, an advocate of portable careers for trailing spouses and family members. Its web-based Virtual Business Owners Training Program(tm), the first Virtual Careers program for Department of Defense ID Cardholders, is available and accessible at military bases around the world.


Written by Liana Metal

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But you may wish to ask : Why become a reviewer?

There are several reasons for that choice. First, because you love books. If you are also an avid reader, you just canít miss this chance !

Second, you love writing. This is imperative. If you donít love writing, forget all about it.

Next, you want to get free copies and add them to your shelf. By all means , go ahead.

Moreover, you can haverepparttar latest releases. If this sounds exciting to you, then this activity itísrepparttar 107120 ideal one for you.

If you take to all ofrepparttar 107121 above, you just canít afford to missrepparttar 107122 opportunity to become a reviewer. Yet, there may be another problem: you doubt your abilities to write a good review. You feel you need some guidance on how to write a critique. There is an easy solution:

Read other peopleís reviews.

Iíve done that and it worked! So, you can do it too. I learnt all about reviewing online , all on my own. You only have to be patient and study as many different reviews as possible. Here comes another question:

But where can I find reviews to read?

Practically, everywhere. But if you would like to find some specific sites that display reviews online you can visit my site at http://lianametal.tripod.com and click onrepparttar 107123 Reviews section. There you will find a lot of URLs of sites that I send my work to. Click on each one of them and readrepparttar 107124 reviews. You can read my reviews, and other peopleís reviews. Watchrepparttar 107125 style andrepparttar 107126 language . See what comes first and what is next. The more you read ,repparttar 107127 more you learn.

If you visit my site , you will see an e books link onrepparttar 107128 home page. If you click on it, you will find another site dedicated to e books. There you will find my e book titled Writing Basics, which includes a lot of information on reviewing.

To sum up, if Iíve done it, you can do it too! And itís never too late to learn something new and exciting that will help you change your outlook on life! I am always searchingrepparttar 107129 net for something new that will add some spice to my life. After all, I have nothing to lose, only to gain!

What about you?

If you feel like I do, start now. Donít missrepparttar 107130 thrill and fun of it!

And Good Luck!

Liana Metal



Liana Metal is a reviewer and writer based in Europe. Visit her at http://lianametal.tripod.com , read her articles, and contribute. Her new books are at www.ebookad.com

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