Porn Stars Launch Live Video Chat Site

Written by Greg Jones

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Theses other sites will then be able to enable Malezia and Starr and advertise them or any ofrepparttar other porn stars on-line.

As a showcase forrepparttar 131558 2much software, LivePornStarOnCam will use optimal technology for video chat. Rather than USB low-range cameras,repparttar 131559 site's porn models will use digital video cams or better, as well as better-than-amateur lighting.

"So many chat hostesses use whatever happens to be on inrepparttar 131560 room," said Casey. "Ifrepparttar 131561 sun sets,repparttar 131562 room darkens, or ifrepparttar 131563 clouds moverepparttar 131564 image is overexposed."

Casey, who plans to write tutorials for chat hostesses, is also technical and esthetic consultant forrepparttar 131565 chat rooms.

"The models, being professional performers, will generally have above average appearance and technique as chatters," said Casey. "My job will be to make sure they're lit and framed right."

LivePornStarOnCamís webmaster affiliate program is powered by CCBill. "We're going to generaterepparttar 131566 traffic and conversions necessary to make it a link no one would do without," said Casey. "We're launching big with Vivid girl Malezia and Judy Starr. And we've enlisted a few other porn stars we won't announce for a couple weeks yet who are going to drive traffic throughrepparttar 131567 roof."

Consultrepparttar 131568 schedule for Malezia's Starr turn at .


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Force the download, hide the path

Written by Ralf Stadtaus

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If you have some programming skills, you can go to (, get allrepparttar needed information there and write a tool that servesrepparttar 131557 download file torepparttar 131558 visitor along withrepparttar 131559 instructions to forcerepparttar 131560 browser to openrepparttar 131561 download dialogue.

If you do not haverepparttar 131562 programming skills, you are either lucky to know that programming guy above or to know websites like Those websites offer "ready to use" CGI or PHP scripts for implementing in your own website. ( created such a tool in 2003 and has improved it as user feedback came in. That tool, named Download Center Lite (, is a small package that needs to be installed on your web server. You only need to definerepparttar 131563 path to your download files directory and do some other optional configuration.

Once installed you can link torepparttar 131564 script and attachrepparttar 131565 name of your download file torepparttar 131566 link URL using a question mark:

The script looks uprepparttar 131567 file name withinrepparttar 131568 download folder and outputs it torepparttar 131569 visitor. Download Center Lite has been tested and proven to work with small (few KByte) and even large files (over 100 MByte).

Another important built in feature is thatrepparttar 131570 script hidesrepparttar 131571 real download path. That preventsrepparttar 131572 visitors from accessing your download directory directly. You could even placerepparttar 131573 download folder outside ofrepparttar 131574 www root folder.

Admittedly, while most ofrepparttar 131575 web browsers on most ofrepparttar 131576 operating systems work fine withrepparttar 131577 script, there are some exotic combinations of browsers and operating systems that will still openrepparttar 131578 file directly instead of openingrepparttar 131579 save as dialogue. Fortunately, these browsers (i.e. IE 4) have a very small market share, so no need to worry about that much.

The author is a freelance software developer and web designer (

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