Population Explosion Does Matter

Written by Karen Nodalo

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Issuesí regardingrepparttar population growth has been a dispute betweenrepparttar 135178 Church andrepparttar 135179 State resulting to misunderstanding. The government is continuously observingrepparttar 135180 cause ofrepparttar 135181 unwanted population explosion atrepparttar 135182 same time finding means on how to stop it. Whilerepparttar 135183 Church supports family life production. In any way,repparttar 135184 churchís credence is ratifying but are they opt to accommodatingrepparttar 135185 issues that goes along with it?

In recent studies, population growth has an immense result and consequence in affecting our economy. Inrepparttar 135186 years to come if we do not come up to certain possibilities of decreasing birth rates, food shortage comes at hand. Inrepparttar 135187 years to come, if we reachrepparttar 135188 hitrepparttar 135189 highest number of population and cities are fully occupied, we will be forced to sacrifice fields we use for vegetation and agriculture. Therefore, this would lead to food shortage and malnutrition.

Population is a major problem especially in rural places where agriculture resources are being cultivated. It hastily affects our environment and natural resources. The flora and fauna we have been preserving are being abused by wicked intentions and misuse. If we do not preserve our resources, food production is affected and sustainable development will not be maintained for that reason.

As our population increase our needs, our demands become high so we definitely need good governance. Ifrepparttar 135190 population density will lessen, we can accumulate bigger opportunities and avoid chances of being overcrowded.

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Rosen Divorce On-Line Child Support Calculator

Written by Rosen Divorce

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