Popular Misconceptions Regarding Translation and Interpreting

Written by James B. Wilson

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These situations are best handled by someone intimately familiar with both languages and cultures. Unfortunately,

the common perception on both sides ofrepparttar ocean is that native speakers speakrepparttar 132519 language best and that

interpreters have an intimate knowledge of their own language, particularly into which they are translating if they

are native speakers.

"Lost in Translation" This website www.lostintranslation.com , which predatesrepparttar 132520 movie "Lost in Translation"

reviewed at www.allwirelessmedia.com/resumes/movies.html . pretty much sums up a professional philosophy

towardsrepparttar 132521 business of translation, and extremely persistent notions regardingrepparttar 132522 topic.

Wilson is a noted expert on the Japanese language, particularly in courtroom settings, and is currently writing his

first novel "The Bamboo Boardroom," a factional chronicle of life in a Japanese-American corporation in

California in the early 90's.

Mr. Wilson may be reached at: wilpro@cox.net website: www.jameswilson.ontheweb.com

The importance of Thanksgiving every day

Written by David Leonhardt

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HEALTH: Just surviving past childhood used to be a major accomplishment. Now we expect to live into our 80s or 90s. And we expect no, we demand to have exceptional health care all alongrepparttar way (even those who are afraid to go torepparttar 132517 doctor!).

This list could keep growing, but these arerepparttar 132518 major benefits I am grateful for living in twenty-first century North America. What does that have to do with Thanksgiving Day and happiness?

Well, follow this train of thought. Whatever you have, you can either appreciate or not. If you appreciate it -- I mean really notice that you have it, that it is good, that you feel good about having it -- it will bring you happiness. However, if you get used to it, take it for granted, and focus on things you don't have, what you do have just won't bring you happiness.

Appreciation isrepparttar 132519 key to happiness. Whatever you truly and proactively appreciate, whether "stuff" or education or a vacation, will bring you happiness. But in this fast-paced, dog-eat-dog, over-stimulated society how can we appreciate anything?

Sadly, many of us who haverepparttar 132520 most to be grateful for express gratituderepparttar 132521 least and feelrepparttar 132522 least appreciation. It seemsrepparttar 132523 more we have,repparttar 132524 more we want. The more we want,repparttar 132525 less we appreciate what we have. The less we appreciate,repparttar 132526 less value there is to having anything, which may explain why we keep wanting more.

We who are drowning in luxuries and holdrepparttar 132527 world in our hands can't seem to findrepparttar 132528 time to appreciate what we have ... but we still make time to whine and complain. We still find things, however petty, to feed our negative thinking. How can we learn to appreciate our abundance and live a happy life?

The secret to feeling that appreciation we often overlook is in expressing our gratitude vocally or in writing. How can we possibly fail to appreciate something when we say "Thank you" for it and focus our attention onrepparttar 132529 appreciation?

I offer several ideas on how to express gratitude inrepparttar 132530 "Get Happy Workbook" and my book "Climb your Stairway to Heaven:repparttar 132531 9 habits of maximum happiness", including keeping a gratitude journal, saying grace, practicing "bolsterism", or just sending flowers, cards, or an appreciative e-mail message to name just a few ideas. Perhapsrepparttar 132532 most useful of all ideas is to make Thanksgiving Day every day.

Christmas is important. Easter is important. Halloween is important forrepparttar 132533 kids. But for our own personal happiness, there is nothing like a truly heartfelt Thanksgiving.

David Leonhardt is The Happy Guy at http://thehappyguy.com , and publisher of A Daily Dose of Happiness at http://thehappyguy.com/daily-happiness-free-ezine.html . This article can also be viewed at http://thehappyguy.com/Thanksgiving-happiness.html

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