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Written by Brett Fogle

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How Pond Salt helps Improve Gill Function to Reduce Stress.... During periods of disease and stress, healthy gill function is disturbed. This can lead torepparttar loss of electrolytes throughrepparttar 116249 gills, sometimes called osmotic shock. Osmotic shock interrupts healthy gill function by reducingrepparttar 116250 intake of oxygen andrepparttar 116251 release of carbon dioxide and ammonium fromrepparttar 116252 fish. Pond Salt reducesrepparttar 116253 risk of osmotic shock by supplying natural electrolytes throughrepparttar 116254 chloride cells inrepparttar 116255 gills. Nitrite Toxicity Overcrowding and overfeeding can lead to elevated nitrite levels especially in newly set-up ponds. The nitrite ion NO 2 entersrepparttar 116256 gills and preventsrepparttar 116257 blood from carrying oxygen resulting in nitrite toxicity or "methemoglobinemia". Pond Salt will temporarily blockrepparttar 116258 toxic effect of nitrite. All natural Pond Salt is safe and non-toxic to all pond fish when used as directed. Pond Salt can be used safely with Pond Care water conditioners, filtration materials and fish foods. Directions for Use: 1. When used as a general tonic for fish, and as a stress reducer, add 2 -1/2 cups full (728g) of Pond Salt for each 100 gallons (378 L) of pond water. Sprinkle salt evenly aroundrepparttar 116259 perimeter ofrepparttar 116260 pond. Avoid any contact between salt crystals and pond plants. If this is not feasible, pre-dissolve salt first. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once added to a pond, salt does not evaporate and is not filtered out. Pond Salt should only be added as directed; with each water change, or when fish have been treated with medications. 2. When used to reduce stress in separate treatment tanks or during fish transportation, use 4 tablespoons full (95.2g) of Pond Salt for each 10 gallons (37.8L) of water.

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Funniest Pond Stories

Written by Brett Fogle

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There is nothing left to migrate at this time. Not so funny but does an Egret taste anything like a turkey when cooked?" Tom Gegenheimer == Funny Pond Story #6 "We have only had a pond for a short time ... details can be seen at http:/ hailand4life.net/smithgarden/ The funny story must includerepparttar workmen (in Thailand) who took zero safety precautions when constructingrepparttar 116248 pond. Watching guys shovelling concrete from a lorry and spreading it acrossrepparttar 116249 bottom ofrepparttar 116250 pond ... whenrepparttar 116251 footwear they had was just 'flip-flops' resulted in great entertainment .... especially when. several times,repparttar 116252 flip flops came off and were lost inrepparttar 116253 cement somewhere (eventually found while they walked around bare footed) .... pictures at http:/ hailand4life.net/smithgarden/images/large/DSC03062.jpg http:/ hailand4life.net/smithgarden/images/large/DSC03070.jpg http:/ hailand4life.net/smithgarden/images/large/DSC03060.jpg Strangely it was onlyrepparttar 116254 guys ....repparttar 116255 women laborers all wore Wellington boots .... maybe this reflects on which ofrepparttar 116256 sexes is reallyrepparttar 116257 most sensible?" Regards, Chris == Funny Pond Story #7 "I am building a pond at this time and I was inrepparttar 116258 process of building a waterfall inrepparttar 116259 corner of a fence. The waterfall is about 3 feet high and 7 feet wide. I thought I was finishing uprepparttar 116260 waterfall with some flat rock onrepparttar 116261 very top. So I straddeledrepparttar 116262 waterfall with my knees onrepparttar 116263 second ledge and setrepparttar 116264 flat rock on top. When I did thisrepparttar 116265 whole waterfall fell down because I build it on blocks and not a pile of dirt. When it fell one big rock caught my foot and I slide downrepparttar 116266 fall and fell backwards intorepparttar 116267 pond going allrepparttar 116268 way under and had a couple of big rocks come down on me. Meanwhile my wife is laughing her butt of at me and I asked her to help me out she slipped onrepparttar 116269 flat wet rock that suroundedrepparttar 116270 ponds edge and half way fell in with me. Now my two boys were playing inrepparttar 116271 yard they are 5 and 3 and saw this happen to us and they thought it was time to got swimming so guess who jumped intorepparttar 116272 pond with us,repparttar 116273 boys. Nothing like havingrepparttar 116274 whole family in onrepparttar 116275 pond. We laughed for awhile but then I had to rebuildrepparttar 116276 whole waterfall again and this time I putrepparttar 116277 top rocks on fromrepparttar 116278 side."

Robert H Coppa Jr. == Funny Pond Story #8

I decided 300 gallons would be perfect. I did allrepparttar 116279 math and spent a great deal of time working with more experienced ponders. Somehow when it was all said and done my little 300 gallon pond ended up being 810 gallons and come to find out it was yet another one of my mathematical errors. Guess I should have paid more attention in that college level math class required for my Associates, right.

We gotrepparttar 116280 pond all up and running but because ofrepparttar 116281 miscalculation we now needed a bigger pump to feedrepparttar 116282 waterfall so I went to our local water garden supplier and asked which one to get. Budget was a concern so it was recommended that we got a ¾ HP submersible pump that cycles 44 gallons a minuet. It was only $70 in comparison torepparttar 116283 $170 one that was its comparative alternative so… we went that route. $70 dollars later we had a working pond with a beautiful waterfall! I was so excited I could hardly wait to get fish. Again budget was a concern so we went torepparttar 116284 local pet store and picked up $50 dollars worth of fish, about 8 fish. 4 large gold Koi, some yellow and a blue Koi. The color excited me so much I never considered what would happen whenrepparttar 116285 fish became comfortable in their new home. The swam around investigating for a day or two then started to come up missing. I had it figured that they were hiding or that a cat was getting fed to well but I never figured it was something I could have done. It wasrepparttar 116286 pump…repparttar 116287 intake valve onrepparttar 116288 pump was to large andrepparttar 116289 fish were getting to close and being sucked intorepparttar 116290 pump thoughrepparttar 116291 motor pushed down repparttar 116292 hose into my waterfall.

While this is not a funny story, I must have cried for 3 days, I wanted to share it because this isrepparttar 116293 one thing I never read anything about in all repparttar 116294 6 weeks of reading I did onrepparttar 116295 web. I can chuckle about it now with a ‘I can’t believe I didn’t think of that’ thought.

Had I known this was possible I would have done something to prevent it by caging in my pump or spendingrepparttar 116296 extra $100 to getrepparttar 116297 right kind of pump.

Hope someone else can save a Koi by my blending experience.


New to ponds and already thinking of making it fish free!" Sheri Furr == Well that's it for this year's 'Funniest Pond Stories'...

*********************************************************** Brett Fogle is the owner of MacArthur Water Gardens and several pond-related websites. He also publishes a free monthly newsletter called PondStuff! with a reader circulation of over 6,000 pond owners. To sign up for the free newsletter and receive a complimentary 'New Pond Owners Guide' for joining, visit MacArthur Water Gardens

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