Politicians need reality check

Written by Shirley deLong

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February One at A&T State University is a monument in good taste. Both Democrat and Republican taxpayers are proud of it. Taxpayers further feel that, with allrepparttar historical museum areas inrepparttar 147873 county and state, another site is not needed. We need a couple of new laws setting standards for voting privileges and holding public office:

1) No one should be allowed to vote that doesn't work, lives on welfare.

2) Public office can be held only by people who work or have worked for an independent company and cannot hold public office ifrepparttar 147874 company they work for or affiliated with uses, in any form, taxpayers' monies to support themselves andrepparttar 147875 business.

Time for Taxpayers, in all States, to step up, write and call your local, state, and federal elected officials and let them know how dissatisfied you and your families are and what has to be done to protect your jobs for your future. You can bet your last dollar politicians are only looking after their best interests and their future. It'll take every Taxpayer stepping up to be heard that "we're not going to take it anymore!" IT'S YOUR FUTURE!

Artist, Activist, and Environmentalist. Author of several published articles.

Government is discriminating against Taxpayers

Written by Shirley deLong

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All these countries coming at America from all directions, asking for Taxpayers monies should stop. These people are set on destroying America. Then what will they do to help America? Asrepparttar old song goes "absolutely nothing, say it again!" If you donít believe what I'm saying, look at allrepparttar 147872 illegitimates, having more and more illegitimates in America and Africa. It's time for someone to speak out! You've created your problems, it's time you solve them and notrepparttar 147873 hard working American Taxpayer! ITíS PAST TIME TO SUPPORT YOURSELVES AND YOUR OWN COUNTRY. THERE AINíT NO MORE MONEY! YOU'VE BROKEN THE BANKS!

Artist, Activist, Environmentalist. Author of several published articles.

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