Polish cooking, Healthy seven components cocktail

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1. one cup of soy milk 2. three table spoons of yogurt 3. three tablespoons of flax seed 4. one heaping teaspoon of cocoa or coffee 5. five dried prunes or apricots 6. one quarter of lemon, with peel or a slice of fresh ginger 7. one banana

You can buy these ingredients at many stores in many countries.

Mix everything in a blender, until its texture resembles that of a heavy cream. Ifrepparttar final product is too thick, add more soy milk, and mix. If it is too thin or not sweet enough – add one more banana. You may add some cinnamon for taste.

We have testimonials from some of our high ranking readers onrepparttar 125510 efficiency of this cocktail. Suzan O. states: “This is a wonderful cocktail, I drink it frequently. Everybody in my neighborhood knows now about my regularity. Also my husband’s prostate, after drinkingrepparttar 125511 cocktail for less than half a year, shrunk fromrepparttar 125512 size of a cantaloupe, torepparttar 125513 size of cantaloupe’s seed. I even fedrepparttar 125514 cocktail to our eighteen year old, spayed cat. Can you believe – we now have seven wonderful kittens!”

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Polish cooking Favors (kindlings)

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To make kindling, dividerepparttar dough into four parts. Roll each part individually on a floured surface. Roll one piece very thin on a board, keepingrepparttar 125509 rest covered to prevent drying. Cut into strips about 1 inch wide and 5 inches long. Cut a short lengthwise slit inrepparttar 125510 center of each strip, and pass one end ofrepparttar 125511 strip throughrepparttar 125512 slit. Repeat until allrepparttar 125513 dough has been used up.

Fry in a deep fat. Traditionally lard should be used, but oil such as soybean can also be used. Fry one side until golden then flip it over and fryrepparttar 125514 other side. Transfer to drain on a paper towel. Before serving sprinkle each side with powdered sugar.

Kindling are best when served fresh. Make themrepparttar 125515 same day.


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