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Written by Marius K.

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More new features will be added soon. There will be a poker interactive tournament calendar and online poker information with strategy, history and reviews. is a website of poker player Tony G. (Antanas Guoga). Website features include poker news, game reviews, home poker games locations, poker rules and variants, poker books and video poker game links. Players can ask and answer questions in a poker forum. is well onrepparttar way to achieving its goal of becomingrepparttar 125390 leading online poker community.


How To String A Guitar

Written by Gerard Hiner

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Next you pullrepparttar string towardrepparttar 125389 center ofrepparttar 125390 headstock and loop it underneath and over itself up againstrepparttar 125391 string post. Next, start turningrepparttar 125392 tuning key windingrepparttar 125393 string onrepparttar 125394 post. Be surerepparttar 125395 windings go fromrepparttar 125396 top down thus creating a greater angle fromrepparttar 125397 string post torepparttar 125398 nut. This puts more downward pressure inrepparttar 125399 nut and increases your sustain. By installingrepparttar 125400 string in this manner it will have wound around itself once giving it something to “hang onto”, and once properly stretched should stay in tune great!. Remember to change your guitar strings often. They will sound and feel better.

Properly installed strings always stay in tune better, have greater sustain and take much less stretching to become stable. Now you know how to string a guitar properly! Have fun playing!

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