Poetry to help in bereavement.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

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Even though you are never here. You were my friend at lifes end, No one can take that away from me, And no one will ever quite transcend, What you will always mean to me, But I understand that now its planned, A new chapter starts as this one ends, And I wont actually be eternally damned, If I make new aquaintances and friends, Ill not forget all those close Ive met, And allrepparttar times and tides we shared, And Ill often wonder why they went, And why it was that I was spared, But I owe it to their memories gone, To not cause them grief if they can see, And to try to pick up and soldier on, And show themrepparttar 122329 person that was me, For if they seerepparttar 122330 world through my medium, Im sure they would much rather see, A world not wrapped in tedium, And all grief finally set free. Its not forsaking memories ofrepparttar 122331 past, To move forwards towards new light, Its what they would want if asked, Its what they would see as right, They know you will always think on, They know you will always care, They know because they havnt gone Because they are always there, Maybe they cant communicate as such, Maybe they seem lost except in dreams, But they still care about you just as much, From behind seemingly invisible screens, And they would wish you happiness, They would want you to laugh out loud, They would gaze with tenderness, And they could be only proud, If they saw your internal war, Disappear forever without a trace, And allrepparttar 122332 grief from before, Become a smile upon your face. For you cant undo whats been done, However unfair it seemed, It can happen to anyone, And to any of our dreams, You cant turn backrepparttar 122333 tide, You can just sink or survive, They are still there inside, As long as you are alive, Theres no guilt in being content, No shame in living life again, No need explaining what is meant, No need to prolongrepparttar 122334 pain, They would say so if they could speak They would write it if allowed, They dont want you to be meek They dont want you to be cowed, They just want you as you were Before fate threw its tumbling dice Before everything became a blur And when everything was nice. They just want to turn your clock, On to a better time and place, So you emerge from out of shock, With a calm and happy face. What was oblivion and apocalypse, Beyond imagination or belief, Has transmuted to a flock of ships, Sailing on a sea of abject grief, Who, battered by constant stormy rancour, And often seemingly lost or destroyed, Are now tranquilly at anchor, And peacefully deployed. Their hulls retainrepparttar 122335 knocks, And their sailsrepparttar 122336 rents of rage, But they overcamerepparttar 122337 rocks, And they finally came of age, Now they knowrepparttar 122338 ebb and flow, Andrepparttar 122339 tempest out of naught, The better armed with what they know, with all that they have been taught, Their old crew missing a few, Not lost just out of sight, So they have recruited anew, To setrepparttar 122340 final balance right, Untilrepparttar 122341 day they sail away, Never returning to these shores, They will be cast as unsurpassed, And be legendary for evermore, For not bowing torepparttar 122342 strain, For fighting forward though sorely harmed, For acknowledging life is often pain, And that we arent all charmed, For coming outrepparttar 122343 other side, When it was easier to fall, It makes them worthy of our pride, It makes them victors after all. Life.

While we breathe we must believe We are here for some purpose in some plan Surely there must be lasting meaning Inrepparttar 122344 intelligence and love of man. We often wonder why were all doomed to die Just when we become calm and wise And ponder anew what will we do When we finally close our eyes Why are we here, it is not clear, And if nihil and darkness is our fate Why do we strive with endless drive With only nothingness lying in wait Where are those dear who were so near One can almost feel them still As if energy waves from beyondrepparttar 122345 graves Keep them constant in our will Maybe all survives, for all our lives In a constant energy flux And sometimes were bees sometimes leaves And sometimes we are us. If mass is energy born in a different form Maybe we are constantly changing guise And we do not pass on were just there and gone But now beyond ears and eyes There seems little chance such a complex dance Asrepparttar 122346 human body andrepparttar 122347 mind Was randomly formed over all And evolved to what we find Impossible to suppose that when life goes It all meant nothing and is wasted Why then are we such complexity What ofrepparttar 122348 dreams weve tasted What of love, being hand in glove What of friends and never parting What reason for our seasons What point in ever starting I think we subscribe until we die To a vast knowlege base building on Then we change clothes andrepparttar 122349 old life goes But our energy is never gone It transforms anew to me or you Becomes different butrepparttar 122350 same And what we learned is surely burned In an archive with our name. So after all whether big or small We all contribute in our own way Torepparttar 122351 greater knowledge of everyone Fromrepparttar 122352 experiences of our days, So maybe we will always be Just in a different suit or gown Meeting again later due to nature Cycling up and cycling down. Itsrepparttar 122353 spark that is our heart And makes us all what we seem And it always fires, never tires An endless energetic dream. So dont think of me as ceased to be Dont call me dead and gone Im still alive beyond your eyes My energy simply carries on You may not hear me with your ear You may not see me whole But im still me always will be Its what you call my soul, So when breath dies with death And my eyes finally close Im not passed away will not decay Im just in different clothes.

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Ex systems programmer revelling in loss of sanity.

What is Remote Viewing & Why do Remote Viewers abhor being referred to as "Psychics"

Written by Jonina Dourif

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The world becomes an infinitely more interesting place and life becomes more intriguing. Discoveries that were once only vague guesses or chosen beliefs may become realities or falsehoods underrepparttar scrutiny of a practiced remote viewer. The remote viewing protocol naturally teaches our mind to recognize imagination from direct knowledge. Our minds learn to scrutinize information and separate out accurate data from imaginary information. We become naturally more in tuned with what’s real inrepparttar 122328 world and in our lives, and our possibilities multiply as our horizons expand.

Does it sound to good to be true? Too unbelievable to be real? Remember, that not that long ago being able to travel and fly or communicate viarepparttar 122329 airwaves was considered a fantasy and impossible. Most people did not believe it possible until they repeatedly witnessed it. Today generations of people exist who have never known a world without phones and planes.

Someday Remote Viewing will be integrated that way. A generation will be born who will instantly know truth from fantasy and it won't just be a fleeting instinct - they will know. Knowledge will be an experience as real as touch, sight, sound and taste.

Isn't that how we are supposed to be?

So, even if you choose to wait and see about this technology -repparttar 122330 next time you hear a person spout “I've been remote viewing my whole life” ..pinch yourself.. to remind you that you’re still inrepparttar 122331 past, but pat yourself because you are already way ahead ofrepparttar 122332 pack.

The future is yours by making more ofrepparttar 122333 present.


A professional remote viewer, Jonina (Joni) Dourif was one of the first civilians trained in this formerly Top Secret technology. Joni was asked to commercialize PSI TECH and Technical Remote Viewing® for the civilian sector in 1993. In 1999, the company's founder retired and Joni took over the helm as President. She continues to lead PSI TECH into the future on the cutting edge of PSI and mind technology. http://www.jonidourif.com/

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