Podcasting - What you don't know could hurt your business.

Written by Steve Humphrey

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What about making your own podcast for your own business or website? That's not exactly rocket science. Get some sound recording software (Audacity or WavePad, for example) and a microphone. Then record some MP3 files yourself.

All that's left is to get them up onrepparttar web somewhere and have them formatted into RSS. Some blogging software and services allow you to attach audio to a blog post. There's even free programs you can use.

For example, you could open a Producer account at:


You can start withrepparttar 145082 free account, which lets you store up to 40MB of MP3 files on their server. It's enough for about four half-hour shows.

That's an easy and risk-free way to try out podcasting. They also have paid accounts for people who want to do more than experiment with this new media.

Now why would you want to podcast? I can think of many good reasons. Here's a few: Put some recordings of your band up and maybe you'll get a recording contract. Sweet!

If you did a teleseminar, make it available torepparttar 145083 world. Position yourself as an expert and people will take you more seriously.

Maybe you know about news items thatrepparttar 145084 local and national media won't pick up. Podcasting gives your story a chance to be heard. Maybe you just want to share something personal withrepparttar 145085 world.

Whatever your reason for wanting to put your music or voice onrepparttar 145086 web, podcasting is an easy and inexpensive way to do it. So pick up that microphone and record your thoughts. I'm waiting to hear it.

============================================================ Steve Humphrey is a programmer, web designer and author of 2 ebooks on programming. His latest project is making podcast technology easy enough for anyone to use. Visit these sites: and ============================================================

Steve Humphrey spent almost 20 years in the telecom industy before becoming a free-lance programmer and consultant. He's taught himself 7 (or more) computer languages and written two ebooks that teach people how to use CGI, Perl and PHP. He was using the Internet several years BEFORE the Web existed. He started building web pages the old-fashioned way - by hand in NotePad. Likes DreamWeaver but still works mainly in text editors.

1-2-3 Steps To A Successful Joint Venture

Written by Habiba Abubakar

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6.Create an action plan and implement it

Once you’ve listed your potential partners, create an action plan. This should detailrepparttar steps you’ll take to approach them and implement your joint venture project e.g. “I’ll contact Joe Bloggs of XYZ Corporation on July 15th.” To keep you focused, refer to your goals when creating and implementing your action plan. Also note thatrepparttar 145081 details of your action plan will change depending onrepparttar 145082 pace at whichrepparttar 145083 project goes. 7.Contact your partners and openrepparttar 145084 door for discussions

Make initial contact with your potential partners and set up a meeting. You can contact them by phone, snail mail or email, but phone remainsrepparttar 145085 best contact method. Atrepparttar 145086 meeting, keep your eyes and ears open to make surerepparttar 145087 market fit is as good as you initially thought. Also, ensure thatrepparttar 145088 “chemistry” is good between you and your prospective partners. Emphasizerepparttar 145089 benefits of your proposal.

8.Decide on either a contract or a hand shake deal

If you choose a contract, ensure that it specifies terms for review, and doesn’t lock you into any long term arrangement without specific criteria for profitability being met. If you choose a hand shake deal, be sure you trust your partner!

9.Launch your joint venture and testrepparttar 145090 results

Start small by doing a test run first. Write, print and sendrepparttar 145091 endorsement letter and implementrepparttar 145092 tracking system. Make sure you’re equipped to handlerepparttar 145093 flood of new clients once you’ve setrepparttar 145094 joint venture into motion.

These steps are simple and easy to execute. If you follow them appropriately, you can look forward to having profitable, win-win joint venture projects! As with any marketing strategy, remember to test, tweak, track and review results until you findrepparttar 145095 best fit.

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