Written by Colin Maddocks

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When you visit ipodder.org you will see details ofrepparttar latest podcasts and you will be able to easily subscribe to great shows such as "Coverville", a music show consisting purely of really interesting cover versions as well asrepparttar 133406 truly original, if not a little whacky, "Whole Wheat Radio" from Talkeetna, Alaska. (Where!!).

There are, of course, lots of shows created and presented by true Podcast enthusiasts and knowledgable techies, such as "The Engadget Podcast" and "IT Conversations". However, by mixing all of these topic areas you can end up with a true, custom-made audio experience that meets all of your listening requirements.

Podcasting is still in its' infancy and overrepparttar 133407 next 12 months you will see more and more growth in this unique field. Podcasting is a real example of a technology that simply could not have existed even 2 years ago and with just a little effort on your part overrepparttar 133408 coming months you could play a significant part inrepparttar 133409 development of this exciting and creative medium.

Colin Maddocks is a web-based travel agent and marketeer running several, successful web businesses, including www.ipod-accessories-4u.com and www.instantholidays.com. He is particularly excited by new web developments in RSS Feeds and Podcasting. Colin has written many articles on web selling and technology.

Oil or Grease Lubrication?

Written by Thomas Yoon

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Although it is very convenient to use grease for lubrication of rolling contact bearings, where some bearings come pre-packed with grease ready for use, grease lubrication becomes unsuitable ifrepparttar operating temperature becomes high.

The high temperature may be because of high ambient temperature environment, or becauserepparttar 133405 heat evolved inrepparttar 133406 bearing due to friction from high speed or heavy loading. Sometimesrepparttar 133407 use of oil becomes more logical ifrepparttar 133408 lubricating intervals for grease lubrication becomes too short, perhaps due to leakage from seals.

In oil lubrication,repparttar 133409 heat generated fromrepparttar 133410 bearings are able to be transfered to a larger volume of oil which in turn can be pumped through heat exchangers for cooling. In this way, repparttar 133411 oil functions both as a lubricating agent as well as a cooling agent.

Oils can also have additives to improve their properties. Some examples are anti-oxidants, corrosion protection additives, anti-foaming additives, surface tension additives, wetting agents, and extreme pressure additives. These additives are put in according torepparttar 133412 application ofrepparttar 133413 oil.

Compared to greases, oils can enable bearings to be operated at a wider range of temperatures. However, there are limits to this, especially at higher temperatures. At high temperatures of 90 degree C and above, mineral oils oxidize rapidly and they lose their properties to lubricate. Synthetic oils are increasingly being used for higher temperature applications.

Which to use? Oil or grease? The choice is yours!

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