Pneumonia almost stopped my lungs but Su-Doku Puzzles kept

Written by Rayzee

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The interest in these fiendish puzzles was overwhelming, it seems everybody who tries one becomes instantly hooked, even children think they are great...not least because they are good at them and frequently beat their parents torepparttar finish.

Su-Doku Monthly provides 120 puzzles ranging in difficulty from 'Easy' through 'Medium', 'Hard' and allrepparttar 140085 way to brain-numbing 'Expert'. There are enough puzzles to keep a whole family busy for a month.

Who needs television when you can play Su-Doku?

Check out your powers of logic and reasoning, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much fun Su-Doku is.

Rayzee is the Founder of Rayzee International and has been an Internet Entrepreneur since 1996.

He lives with his wife Lynn in Chippenham in the UK.

Why Do Music Lovers Still Prefer to Buy Records?

Written by Charles Essmeier

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  • Price. Price is always a factor when consumers buy anything andrepparttar prices of new and used record albums are less thanrepparttar 140071 prices of new and used compact discs, respectively. Used CDs may sell for $5-8; used record albums sell for $3-5

  • Physical size. A lot of people preferrepparttar 140072 larger size of record albums. They don’t store as easily as compact discs, butrepparttar 140073 covers and lyrics are easier to read, andrepparttar 140074 product feels more substantial. Buyers feel like they’re getting “more” for their money, even if it’s just extra weight.

  • Sound. The digital sound of compact discs has a certain cleanness and purity to it, but many listeners findrepparttar 140075 sound of compact discs to be “artificial” or “metallic”, lackingrepparttar 140076 “warmth” ofrepparttar 140077 sound of a record. Arguments have been going on for years, and fans of compact discs claim that there really is no difference in sound, but millions of record fans would probably disagree.

  • Nostalgia. A lot of Baby Boomers grew up listening to records, and records have a fond familiarity to them that listeners like.

  • New record albums continue to be released every day. Aided by artists who are still recording who demand that their albums be released as both records and compact discs, such as Diana Krall, Pink Floyd, and Metallica, record album sales continue to thrive. Despite industry efforts to killrepparttar 140078 format back inrepparttar 140079 1980’s, It appears thatrepparttar 140080 record album will continue to live on, well intorepparttar 140081 twenty-first century, and music fans couldn’t be happier about it.

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