Plymouth Plantation and Mayflower – Links to Our Past Guide, Part 1

Written by Cliff Calderwood

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The village itself is full of buildings and gardens. Everything is plain and productive, and authentic.

The people ofrepparttar village dress, talk, and act as best we know they would’ve onrepparttar 144915 original Plymouth Plantation. But that doesn’t mean they are aloof or communicate in riddles or a strange tongue. Their aim is to educate and entertain but still remain true torepparttar 144916 era. I’ve always found they are engaging and excellent in this balance.

The stroll out ofrepparttar 144917 village alongrepparttar 144918 Eel River walk takes you torepparttar 144919 Native people homesite.

As I said earlier,repparttar 144920 Pilgrims would not have survivedrepparttar 144921 first year had it not been for help fromrepparttar 144922 Native Peoples. They taught them aboutrepparttar 144923 region and it’s agriculture andrepparttar 144924 resources ofrepparttar 144925 land, and how to thrive.

This special area is a home for an extended family not another village. It honorsrepparttar 144926 importance and affinityrepparttar 144927 Native People have in this region.

Take time to appreciaterepparttar 144928 skills of weaving and tanning practiced atrepparttar 144929 site, andrepparttar 144930 use of fire for burning out boats. Go inside one ofrepparttar 144931 houses and noticerepparttar 144932 materials and bindings used for construction.

The inhabitants here do not role-play so feel free to discuss modern day subjects with them.

And now… linger for a while longer at Plymouth Plantation, and rest back atrepparttar 144933 visitor center, or purchase that craft you saw atrepparttar 144934 store earlier. And then when you’re ready to continue, leave Plimoth Plantation and head for town andrepparttar 144935 Mayflower II replica.

Mayflower II is docked on State Pier on Water Street. Meter parking is available alongrepparttar 144936 waterfront. .

You’ll think it a small ship.

Imaginerepparttar 144937 vast expanse ofrepparttar 144938 North Atlantic at times wild and unforgiving. A 2,760-mile trip in a ship that leaked and creaked at an agonizing speed of 2 mph!

During your Mayflower tour you’ll meet passengers onrepparttar 144939 ship role-playing for you. You’ll get to seerepparttar 144940 passenger’s cramped quarters andrepparttar 144941 captain’s spacious cabin. But most of all you’ll be cast back in time.

And if you close your eyes and listen torepparttar 144942 gulls overhead maybe you’ll hearrepparttar 144943 shouts of a sailor as he sights landfall and one journey’s end… andrepparttar 144944 start of another.

Enjoy your day at Plimoth Plantation andrepparttar 144945 Mayflower II. They are entertaining reminders of our history and a link back to a monumental voyage.

For more information and opening times and ticket prices for Plymouth Plantation andrepparttar 144946 Mayflower visit their web site at .

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Concert Packages – why seeing your favourite band shouldn’t be a hassle...

Written by Robin Richmond

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Organised concert packages are becoming increasing popular inrepparttar UK. Inrepparttar 144725 past these have been very expensive but an increasing amount of organisations have become quite competitive in this area and as a result they have become great value for money. For example, offers a number of ticket plus hotel deals which means you are guaranteed a grand stand view of proceedings and don’t have to worry about late night journeys home fighting throughrepparttar 144726 traffic.

Another great benefit of buying a ticket this way is that such companies very often have tickets even whenrepparttar 144727 gigs are officially sold out. Normally, when trying to get tickets to sell out concerts you will spend hours trawlingrepparttar 144728 classified listings or spending a fortune competing in bid wars on! However, organisers of concert packages usually have guaranteed tickets which means you can still get some ofrepparttar 144729 best seats inrepparttar 144730 house a couple of days beforerepparttar 144731 sell out concert.

Booking a concert break can really takerepparttar 144732 stress out ofrepparttar 144733 event – and let you concentrate on having a good time. With hotel accommodation afterrepparttar 144734 event you don’t have to worry about driving home, which means you can enjoy a drink and a meal before or afterrepparttar 144735 event. Many ofrepparttar 144736 hotels in packages are within easy walking distance ofrepparttar 144737 venue, which really means you can take things at your own pace. You never know, you might even be sharingrepparttar 144738 same hotel asrepparttar 144739 band – now that would be rock and roll!

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