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Written by Luther Powell

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How about those who say they do not have enough time to readrepparttar newsletter? I can understand those who work at a 9 to 5 job and have evening chores to do. But, why did they subscribe inrepparttar 124321 first place. Oh well,repparttar 124322 customer is always right, and subscribers are my customers. Don't ever forget that. I am afraid that some of those who publish ezines and/or newsletters have lost sight of that fact.

Some have sent some "nasty" emails when they unsubscribe. I will not repeat them here. But, why do they take it out on an old man? Is it because I am almost bald? Or because I have to wear false teeth? One went as far as using profanity! However, that doesn't bother me. I spent five years inrepparttar 124323 Marine Corps during WWII, and you can't use any profanity that I haven't heard. I just feel sorry for them and I pray for them. That is what my Lord taught me to do. I just say "Forgive us of all our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us."

What can I do about all of this? Nothing! I simply write each one and tell them I am sorry to lose them and I will be happy to have them join our newsletter family again. You cannot do anything else. And I assure you that this pays off inrepparttar 124324 long run. I have had one unsubscriber come back after receiving my farewell message. That subscriber will be a loyal one and stay with me. I can count on that.

So, if you publish a newsletter or ezine, you are going to get unsubscribe notices. Just write them a nice letter and say to yourself, "NEXT!" _______________________

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Luther Powell is a 79-year old disabled retired educator and minister. He publishes Papalou's "A Poor Man's Newsletter" with over 7500 double opt-in subscribers.

"Getting Published - Your Article Submission Checklist"

Written by Azam Corry

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* Use The Standard Format

Most ezine editors expect your article to be in this format:

Plain text, hard wrapped at 60-65 characters per line.

It'srepparttar only way to guaranteerepparttar 124320 piece appears as intended. Anything else creates extra work for editors, either reformatting, deleting HTML code, or fixing incorrectly printing characters. To save time, such articles are passed over.

* Don't Send Your Article As An Attachment.

Attachments require opening, something that may be put off and forgotten about. Worse still,repparttar 124321 legitimate fear of virus infection means many people delete them on sight. Paste your article intorepparttar 124322 body ofrepparttar 124323 email, so editors can scan through it immediately.

* Don't Send Multiple Copies

It's tiresome to have to delete 2 or 3 copies of your article each time you make a submission. And it tellsrepparttar 124324 recipient you don't value their time. A source of annoyance, your article will lose points in comparison to other articles of equal merit: The subconscious mind is a powerful thing!

Check your submission list for duplicate domains. Those from free email accounts are usually obvious, but if you're unsure, check. It takes less than a minute to paste a domain name into a browser and loadrepparttar 124325 site. How much money would you make if your article was published? Worth a minute?

* Don't Say How Wonderful Your Article Is

All too often I receive article submissions that start something like this:

"Hi! Here's a great new article for your ezine that your subscribers will love!"

Few ezine editors will appreciate YOU telling them your work is great. Or that THEIR subscribers will love it, especially when it's obvious you don't even knowrepparttar 124326 editor's name, norrepparttar 124327 title of their ezine.

Save this article (now, before you forget!) and refer to itrepparttar 124328 next time you write one of your own. Most submissions an editor receives are passed over for one reason or another. The secret is to stackrepparttar 124329 odds in YOUR favor. Give editors what they want and you WILL be rewarded!

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