Playing with or against Chess Software: This you've got to try!

Written by Michael Kanehl

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Most titles give yourepparttar opportunity to connect directly to a pre-arranged player or to find an available player through available message boards.

Peer-to-Peer software may likely becomerepparttar 116102 dominant chess software inrepparttar 116103 future and replace chess servers asrepparttar 116104 preferred method of playing chess onrepparttar 116105 computer.

Chess Software Database

Chess software databases are like holdingrepparttar 116106 sub total ofrepparttar 116107 world's chess knowledge on your local PC. Most programs offer thousands of past grandmaster games for you to review either in text or video format. There are endless opening, middlegame, and endgame strategies. You can read annotations and some titles even have photos ofrepparttar 116108 world's grandmasters.

Some chess software databases come with built-in chess software that lets you play outrepparttar 116109 games that are inrepparttar 116110 database and even allowrepparttar 116111 database to analyze your game.

Prices are low and chess software databases make a great learning and analytical tool.

Computer vs. Computer Chess Software

These chess software programs pit computers against computers using an Internet or LAN connection. They are good learning tools in some ways but you shouldn't read too much into their strategies. These chess software programs can't actually "think" like humans do. Theirs is a mathematical world where moves are calculated according to a set of formulas that allow it to determinerepparttar 116112 "best" move based upon all possible moves atrepparttar 116113 moment.

In spite of their "non-thinking" processing, chess software has evolved to become a formidable opponent even forrepparttar 116114 grandmasters.

In my opinion nothing beats a head-to-head game with a living breathing opponent who is seated a few feet away from you onrepparttar 116115 other side of a real chessboard. However, I realize that today's lifestyle does not always allow usrepparttar 116116 luxury of pre-planned leisure time and they have to pick up a game whenever and wherever we can. With that it mind, you should pick yourself up some chess software for those times when a human in he same room is not an option.

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Make Golden Christmas Trees

Written by Candee Stark

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1. Find a large tree branch that when held on its end, looks like a small tree.

2. Fill a garbage bag with soil, enough to supportrepparttar weight ofrepparttar 116101 branch when inserted. Insertrepparttar 116102 branch and packrepparttar 116103 soil around it so it stands upright. Tierepparttar 116104 bag securely around bottom of branch. Shaperepparttar 116105 bag of soil so it looks likerepparttar 116106 root ball when you buy a new tree fromrepparttar 116107 nursery.

*Note-it will be heavy so work fairly close to where you want your final project so you don’t have too far to move it.

3. Spray entire tree with gold spray paint and let it dry.

4. Wrap “root ball” in gold fabric and secure with gold cording.

5. String with white lights.


Since creating my golden Christmas trees I have seen a similar project whererepparttar 116108 tree was spray painted white andrepparttar 116109 “root ball” was covered with colorful holiday fabric. Either way, it makes a festive holiday display. Enjoyrepparttar 116110 holidays!

Candee Stark is a Reading Specialist in a local elementary school and has spent the last two and a half years earning her masters degree. Her new passion is her indoor herb garden. Visit her at Flowers and if you would like to read more gardening and flower articles.

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