Playing With the Big Boys ≠≠ How to compete with chain stores

Written by Alvin Apple

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* Shoppers often create a comfort zone of buying from stores that have everything. They know what they are going to find there, and that means they donít have to takerepparttar time to search. However, many people shop because they enjoy it. Always knowing what you are going to find can be boring. Ashley's store offers mystery. People wonít receive a catalogue that shows everything they would see if they went torepparttar 101242 store.

* Although Ashley's store is not atrepparttar 101243 same economic level asrepparttar 101244 larger chain stores, she should make her business as recognizable as possible.

One way to do that is hire a designer to create a logo that represents your business. Many companies spend millions of dollars making their logo familiar torepparttar 101245 public. One could also include a jingle or an original piece of music in commercial spots; something a viewer can become familiar with.

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Placing Effective Newspaper Advertisements

Written by Barrett Niehus

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writerepparttar copy. In order to develop effective ad copy, there are a few basic facts that you must address to attract fitness clients.

You will usually have less than 0.8 seconds to get a potential clientís attention. Make sure thatrepparttar 101241 ad uses attention-getting words and phrases along with proper colors. Use phrases that attract attention such as Free, Special Offer, Limited Time, Sale, Money, and Sex. There is a large volume of research available on words that sell effectively. If you are planning on placing many advertisements, it may be prudent to research these words atrepparttar 101242 library or onrepparttar 101243 net.

In addition to attention-grabbing words, proper use of color is invaluable to create an effective display ad. Red and Yellow stand out among all other colors, and are usually attractrepparttar 101244 most attention. If you are

placing color ads, these colors should be considered.

When writingrepparttar 101245 copy, word it in such a way that it addresses your training clients specific need. Refer back to your notes on whyrepparttar 101246 client would want to use you as their trainer, and what would they expect out of your services. Donít offer to help people "Get Fit!" when you can offer to "Lose Ten Pounds Fast!" Most people donít care about fitness for fitnessí sake. Most just want to look and feel good. Addressrepparttar 101247 specific needs of your target client, and word it to address

specific wants, worries or concerns.

Wordrepparttar 101248 advertisement in a way that creates emotion. A client will only

act if you can create enough emotion to motivate them. How many of people out there say they want to get fit and lose weight, but have yet to call

you? Unless you create enough emotion to make them act, they will never respond to your ad. Create negative feelings toward where they are at right now, and positive emotion towards what a change in fitness will be like.

Before and after pictures are especially effective in creating emotional

responses. If you are in doubt, watch late night infomercials, or flip through Flex or Muscle and Fitness magazine. Each ad creates an effective emotional response targeted to a specific fitness demographic.

Now that your ad uses wording to create emotion, it is time to encourage

action. You should now make an offer. EVERY ADVERTISEMENT SHOULD HAVE AN

OFFER. Showing before and after pictures may motivate some people, but you will have a much better response if you askrepparttar 101249 customer to contact you.

Putting your contact information is not enough to get most people to pick uprepparttar 101250 phone. Make surerepparttar 101251 advertisement asks your potential personal training clients to contact you, and does so in such a way thatrepparttar 101252 customer will be motivated to call now as opposed to waiting for three months. Once again, EVERY ADVERTISEMENT FOR PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING SHOULD INCLUDE AN OFFER.

As a final inclusion to your ad copy, determine how you are going to trackrepparttar 101253 response that you get from your advertisement. You will be spending a lot of money on developing and placingrepparttar 101254 ad, Wouldnít it be

prudent to find out how effectiverepparttar 101255 ad was? The most common way to trackrepparttar 101256 effectiveness of an advertisement is to include a coupon or a special offer. This serves a dual purpose, 1) it serves as an offer to entice fitness clients to call, 2) it provides a way for you to know how many people responded to an advertisement.

You now have written your copy, and have either been working withrepparttar 101257 periodicalís graphic artist, or have been working with an independent designer or publishing program. After you have developedrepparttar 101258 advertisement, and had it printed in a photo-ready format, it is time to submit it torepparttar 101259 magazines or newspaper. When placing your ad, make sure that you are toldrepparttar 101260 specific times that it will go to press, when it will be circulated.

Also, ask ifrepparttar 101261 periodical can send you a printed proof ofrepparttar 101262 ad before it goes to final press; just to make sure thatrepparttar 101263 colors and words line up. After printing, make sure thatrepparttar 101264 periodical sends you a copy ofrepparttar 101265 magazine or newspaper with your ad included.

These arerepparttar 101266 fundamental steps that personal trainers, fitness clubs, and small businesses follow when placing advertisements. The process is not complex, but it does take some thought to create an effective advertisement.

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