Playing Golf On Ana's Eyeball

Written by Steve Gillman

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Fortunately, we drove during daylight after that. Inrepparttar Colorado mountains we went from 16 to 20 miles-per-gallon, confusingrepparttar 148120 sensors and causingrepparttar 148121 "check engine" light to turn on. We successfully ignored it until it changed it's mind.

In Farmington, New Mexico, we spent a few days resting and coughing. We were about an hour away from buying a house when we discovered it needed new wiring, had a garden hose attached torepparttar 148122 natural gas line, and other problems we missed on our first visit. The old man begged me to buy it, called our motel room to tell me he needed money for open-heart surgery in three days, and called again to lowerrepparttar 148123 price, but we moved on. Byrepparttar 148124 way,repparttar 148125 house was to be a winter project, not a new home.

Monument Valley was beautiful,repparttar 148126 Christmas parade in Holbrook was cute, and despite various problems and illnesses, we're having a great time. You see, I didn't want to make you all jealous, so I left out a lot -repparttar 148127 constant sun,repparttar 148128 beautiful sculptures in Grand Junction, andrepparttar 148129 nine times we've been in hot springs in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Next week we're going to Mexico for lunch. Hope all is well in Michigan. Adios,

Steve and Ana

Steve Gillman hit the road at sixteen, and traveled the United States and Mexico alone at 17. Now 40, he travels with his wife Ana, whom he met in Ecuador. To read letters #2 and #3, plus stories, tips and travel information, visit:

3 Ways to Get the Lowest Airfare Possible

Written by Richard Wong

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Lowest Airfare Technique #2: Bid

Online services like Priceline can be risky. However, if you are willingrepparttar tradeoff of ‘maybe’ getting a ticket with some amazing deals, it’s a great route to go. The idea behind these types of companies is that you post a bid on their web site forrepparttar 148119 lowest price you are willing to pay for airfare. Then, you wait. Once you’ve bid, its set in stone; if someone acceptsrepparttar 148120 bid, you are required to follow through. If no one does, then you’re offrepparttar 148121 hook (although also without your lowest airfare!). I would recommend this option only to people who have highly flexible itineraries.

Lowest Airfare Technique #3: Special Offer Pages

Every airline has a ‘special offers’ page on their web site. Do you check them out regularly forrepparttar 148122 lowest airfare deals before booking a flight? If you bookmark all ofrepparttar 148123 airlines catering to your geographic area, and any areas that you plan on traveling to, many of these ‘special fares’ will be better (in most cases, much better) than any search engine lowest airfare peek-a-boo that you do. There are several finer points to watch with these lowest advertised airfares, though; look for hidden charges, readrepparttar 148124 fine print, make note of any restrictions, and take action quickly (because most of these special offers are a limited time only).

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