Playing By Googles Rules

Written by Wil Rushmer

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Selling Your Sites PageRank

Time and time again I come across sites selling there pr7 links or ONLY trading links with certain pr sites. This will cause a ban or penalty as well. Its okay to sellrepparttar advertising, orrepparttar 136120 gainrepparttar 136121 link, but doing so based on direct advertisement of your page rank is a sure way to getrepparttar 136122 bad end ofrepparttar 136123 stick from Google.


This is similar to cloaking pages. The practice of having one page loaded with your choice keywords that simply re-direct to another more “user friendly” page is also a big issue for Google. My clients get offers allrepparttar 136124 time from other seo firms offering these kinds of “services”. If you get these offers, avoid them at ALL costs.

Same Content on Multiple Domains

Google looks at domain IPs, dates they were registered, etc. Having multiple domains servingrepparttar 136125 exact same content is a no no as well. This also applies to servingrepparttar 136126 same content multiple times on separate pages, sub-domains and forwarding multiple domains torepparttar 136127 same content.


Many ofrepparttar 136128 above techniques apply to most search engines. By following a mind set that you are building your pages for your human users and not bots, you can insure you will getrepparttar 136129 most important things from your site: Qualifying links, clicks and a higher ROI. For more information also see “Googles information for webmasters”,

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Fresh Content Improves Search Engine Optimization

Written by Matt Foster, CEO, Arteworks Business Class

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The delivery of fresh content to your site, in a form that is readable by search engines (i.e. not throughrepparttar use of javascript, iframes, orrepparttar 136020 like) requires a dynamic, database driven content management system.

The most cost effective way to achieve this is throughrepparttar 136021 use of a weblog that sits on your server and resides under your domain name. Updatingrepparttar 136022 weblog with rich articles or commentary, broadcasting this information torepparttar 136023 internet, and allowing users to post comments, achievesrepparttar 136024 following:

1) Increasesrepparttar 136025 number of inbound links to your website 2) Increasesrepparttar 136026 frequency at which major search engines will spider or crawl your site 3) Increases interactivity forrepparttar 136027 web user 4) Improves your search engine ranking

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