Playful or Seductive - 10 kinky things to do this Valentines!

Written by Miss Kensington

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If you are thinking about a gift, why not check out my website for buying guides for corsets and lingerie and some ofrepparttar best links to online retailers. Get someone special more than just flowers!

Lights on You will surprised how many people have sex withrepparttar 122041 lights off, if you arent confident about your body then you cant have good sex so get those candles on which is a much more pleasing light.

Playing Horsy My cowgirl outfit is my favourite dressing up costume. Denim skirt, stockings, thigh high riding boots and a black bra. Get yourself a riding crop guys and girls and have fun!

Seductionrepparttar 122042 word here is slow everything is done slowly to heighten your senses and reactions. One of you have to lead. Set yourself up in a comfy area lots of cushions lit by candlelight. Straddle your partner so you are face to face, if you are leading undress your partner very slowly whilst sipping your wine and perhaps kissing your partner. Always leaverepparttar 122043 underpants on trust me it helps keep things going longer! Take some sating ribbon and just tie roundrepparttar 122044 hands and then blindfold your partner. Start to kiss sensitive parts of their body and gradually take this down torepparttar 122045 crutch. I leaverepparttar 122046 rest to you!

Sex Games there are some great games out there such as twister bed covers, nookii is a great game mischievous but sexy

Speed dating I cannot tell you how much fun this is. Unless you are really playingrepparttar 122047 dating game invent a new personality a new job, persona and look this adds torepparttar 122048 fun. Top 3 questions to askrepparttar 122049 lads or ladies. Q1) Whats your favourite sexual position? My answer to this would be straight up inrepparttar 122050 shower care to try? Q2) If you could describe yourself as an alcoholic drink what would it be? My answer to this would be a vodka shooter because I like it straight up and can warm you on a cold night Q3) How would you describe yourself sexually? My answer crazy, sexy, cool!

Stay Sexy! Miss Kensington xxx, Romance Stories to tickle your fancy - KinkyBlackBoots Lifts the lid on the love life of today's modern Girl!

Your guide to buying and wearing a Corset

Written by Miss Kensington

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Your corset should be comfortable yet supportive and you should be able to breath in and out without feeling constricted.

After a few weeks of wearingrepparttar corset you can shortenrepparttar 122040 lace strings sincerepparttar 122041 corset would have gelled more with your body. Please note that you should leave at least 18 inches of lace.

Caring for your corset is key, if you have purchased on a quality retailer you should have received a box with tissue paper. If not purchase these 2 things and wrap your corset away after each use. You dont need to wash you corset after every use; I wear mine at least once a week and only wash every couple of months. You will find hanging your corset out on a washing line to air will be enough to keep it fresh. To wash I recommend dry cleaning or a gentle hand wash using a very mild detergent. Do not at any times wash in a washing machine or tumble dry. Please always readrepparttar 122042 washing instructions on your corset before undertakingrepparttar 122043 cleaning process.

Have fun and feel sexy! Love Miss Kensington xxx, Romance Stories to tickle your fancy - KinkyBlackBoots Lifts the lid on the love life of today's modern Girl!

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