Play Pool Better: Top Ten Ways to Improve your Billiards Game

Written by Reno Charlton

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5. Start simple

If you are something of a novice at pool thenrepparttar trick of improving your game is to start simple and work your way up. There is no point trying to jump straight in torepparttar 110001 most complex games. A game like 8 ball or better still 9 ball can help you to practice shooting and can help to condition your body in order to improve your game. Positioning and action is everything when playing billiards, and these simple, basic games will help you to improve both through practice.

6. Observe, observe, observe

We all need a mentor if we want to do something really well, and billiards is no exception to this rule. You can pick up some really useful tips simply by watchingrepparttar 110002 pros andrepparttar 110003 very experienced. Whether it’srepparttar 110004 latest world champion playing on television or whether it’s your best mate who’s known as a real whiz withrepparttar 110005 cue, you should pay careful attention whenrepparttar 110006 experts are in play. Try and study their positioning, their actions, trick shots, andrepparttar 110007 way they play.

7. Use training balls

You can now get billiards training balls, and these can prove invaluable to someone just learning how to play or wishing to improve their game. These balls have a clear target to aim for, so when you are trying to potrepparttar 110008 ball you will know exactly where to aim. Using these training balls can help to condition your mind when you are playing, and pretty soon you will be able to hitrepparttar 110009 mark withoutrepparttar 110010 specially marked balls, and you can enjoy potting your object ball every time.

8. Use online tools

There are plenty of online tools available to help you improve your billiards game, such as virtual pool. Although these games can’t help withrepparttar 110011 improvement of your physical stroke, they can give you a good idea of game rules and strategies, which are things that you must familiarise yourself with in order to start improving your game – if you don’t know how to play properly you can’t learn how to play better.

9. General tips

As well asrepparttar 110012 above quite specific tips on improving your pool game, there are also some general tips that you should bear in mind when you are actually inrepparttar 110013 process of playing or practicing billiards. Hopefully, these tips will help you to develop and improve your game so that you can play torepparttar 110014 best of your ability. These general tips include:

• Cue Shot: Make sure that your stroke is smooth and consistent. You should place your other hand onrepparttar 110015 table, making it as stable as you can, and then allowrepparttar 110016 cue to slide through this hand as smoothly as possible – it is a good idea simply to practicerepparttar 110017 stroke before you start worrying about practicing withrepparttar 110018 billiards balls. • Keeprepparttar 110019 cue ball in sight: When you are aiming, you should be looking atrepparttar 110020 cue ball and notrepparttar 110021 object ball. Aim to strike it just belowrepparttar 110022 centre, and stay focussed onrepparttar 110023 cue ball as you shoot. • Arm positioning: When you are playing, you should keeprepparttar 110024 arm you are shooting with close to your body, and your elbow should be bent at a ninety-degree angle. Let your shoulder dorepparttar 110025 work as you shoot – this is whererepparttar 110026 action and movement should stem from. Do not be tempted to use excessive force, as this will simply spoil your shot – simply keep it smooth and controlled.

10. Enjoy it!

One thing to keep in mind when trying to improve your pool game is – it is a game! Don’t let yourself get stressed or frustrated; simply enjoy it and enjoy practicing it. Billiards is a great way to relax and unwind, and shouldn’t be something that you get stressed about. As with many things in life, practice makes perfect. You won’t become a billiard pro overnight – it can take a while to become adept atrepparttar 110027 control, concentration, and movement required to shoot pool successfully. But you can have great fun whilst you are getting there.

Reno Charlton is an experienced freelance copywriter and an award-winning children’s author from the United Kingdom. You can read more of her informative articles on pool tables and billiard accessories at

Kafka Re-Trial

Written by malcolm james pugh

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So He went up to their doors, The Nameless Man with Faceless Face, And bearded them in their hallowed den, Their plush revered and holy place, And caused unmitigated consternation, As he either was not really there, Or indeed actually physically existed, Solidly sitting silent in his chair.

So they asked him what he would want, If he were real and not mere illusion, For his appearance was so inopportune, His face and features causing confusion, His DNA was an embarrassment, Never born, nor listed, nor created, Never taxed, treated, nor arrested, Never receiving a non education.

So he stood up to his full height, And drew up his deepest breath, That made him seem immortal, And made them all fear death, And his mighty voice resounded, So muchrepparttar walls retained his words, We want to be individuals again We want to speak and to be heard, We want our voice to really matter, And we want to hear no more lies, We want illusion swept away, Replaced by council ofrepparttar 110000 wise, We want common sense to prevail, And not statistical subterfuge, Which tries to tell us its all ok, When we know it must improve, We want you to abdicate and take, Your machines and Mandarins away, And we want it done immediately, Oh Yes, we want it done today.

Or else I will shine in prime time, And then all will see its me, The man who is not Kafka, The man who simply cannot be, Then where will your credibility go, Will they ever listen to your pleas. No, far better for you to go now, And leave reality to me.

And they went away in disarray, Whilst he heralded a new era, No one knew whorepparttar 110001 hell he was, But yet everything seemed clearer, Everything was as it appeared, Nothing hidden, no more ofrepparttar 110002 lies, And no one filed his disappearance, When he finally left our skies.

They can media us its always fine, Statistic prove what cannot be true, They can try to justify their lies, Attempt to airbrush history in two, They may perceive us all as fools, Force fed on false soap opera goals, But cannot forever control our minds, Nor assume they own our souls, For Long term lies have multiplied, And now are ringing empty and hollow, What seemed so reasonable yesterday Will be disproved uponrepparttar 110003 morrow, And with these endless lies surfacing, Just Like The Man Who Could Not Be, The truth will slowly become visible, Andrepparttar 110004 truth will set us free.

ex civil engineer/systems programmer.

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