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Mini-baccarat was later introduced to bringrepparttar game withinrepparttar 125463 reach of ordinary clients. With mini baccarat,repparttar 125464 stakes are much lower, andrepparttar 125465 game is much faster. However, many people are still attracted byrepparttar 125466 glamour ofrepparttar 125467 original game, with its luxurious surroundings and exclusive atmosphere.

Online baccarat is becoming increasingly popular, sincerepparttar 125468 rules are simple, andrepparttar 125469 'house edge' (the percentage by which any game favorsrepparttar 125470 casino) is low. Find out for yourself why baccarat isrepparttar 125471 favorite game ofrepparttar 125472 jet set - play online baccarat game, and feel like a movie star! All you need to play online baccarat game is a quick sign-up for free membership, and you are away.

Andrepparttar 125473 moment you sign up for membership, you qualify for all kinds of exciting benefits. Play online baccarat game for real, and you qualify for a sign-up bonus immediately. And whether you gamble for free or for real, you instantly qualify for free weekly promotions, contest and sweepstakes. Play online baccarat game, and you could be an instant winner!

If you are a newcomer to baccarat, you can play online baccarat game for free while you learnrepparttar 125474 rules and learn to anticipaterepparttar 125475 cards. You will still qualify forrepparttar 125476 weekly sweepstakes and other benefits. And with a no-download casino, you are ready to play online baccarat gamerepparttar 125477 moment you sign up - no bulky programs taking up space on your computer. And with a small download version, you can play online baccarat game from anywhere - you are not restricted to your own computer.

Why waste time and money going to a casino? Play online baccarat game inrepparttar 125478 comfort of your own home. No cover charge, no transport costs, no waiting for a table. Play online baccarat game for your own choice of stakes - no prohibitive table limits. Play online baccarat game anytime of day or night - whenever your instincts tell you that your luck is in!

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Come to Tea: An Elegant Garden Gathering

Written by Debbie Rodgers

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Food Other than teaspoons, no cutlery should be required at tea. All sandwiches and sweets should be dainty finger-food. Try sandwiches of watercress, cucumber, or egg withrepparttar crusts removed and cut in quarters. Sugar cookies and petit fours are traditional sweets. You can substitute mini-cupcakes or tiny tarts.

Tea One ofrepparttar 125462 first things that I learned in seventh grade home economics class was how to brew a proper pot of hot tea, but that was many years ago. I suspect that tea-making is becoming a lost art.

Tea is actuallyrepparttar 125463 common name of one plant: Camillia sinesis. The three basic types of tea -- black, green and oolong -- are distinguished byrepparttar 125464 amount of oxidization thatrepparttar 125465 tea leaves have undergone. The more than 3,000 varieties of tea inrepparttar 125466 world are all derived from those three basic types.

Herbal teas -- more properly, tisane or infusion -- are made from a wide variety of flowers, herbs, barks, berries, fruits and spices.

At a minimum, offer your guests a traditional tea and a caffeine-free herbal choice. Have milk (not cream!), sugar and fresh lemon wedges available.

So, dust off your teacups and your manners and sit down with your girlfriends for a proper tea party. It's a lovely summer interlude!

Debbie Rodgers, the haven maven, owns and operates Paradise Porch, and is dedicated to helping people create outdoor living spaces that nurture and enrich them. Her latest how-to guide “Attracting Butterflies to Your Home and Garden” is now available on her web site. Visit her at and get a free report on “Eight easy ways to create privacy in your outdoor space”. Mail to

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