Play By Play: The 2005 myVirtualCard Poker Tournament

Written by Sidney Zombay

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“There was one common complaint,” Ungar said. Apparently, one ofrepparttar shuttle-bus drivers moonlighted as a tour-guide. “Players anxious to get torepparttar 139039 tournament were taken onrepparttar 139040 scenic route and given an extensive Montreal History crash-course.”

“We also had a visit fromrepparttar 139041 police,” said Ungar. “The tournament took place at Le Sanctuaire Health and Sporting club, which is connected to several prestigious condominium buildings. Sincerepparttar 139042 club was in sort of a residential zone,repparttar 139043 band, thankfully, was asked to stop playing.”

Inrepparttar 139044 endrepparttar 139045 tournament played an organic poker that ended with Raffi, of AdultLounge, winning out over first-runner up Ramos of GoFuckYourself.

First prizes included free content from, and $1500 cash fromrepparttar 139046 myVirtualCard crew. Also included inrepparttar 139047 package was a complete $12,000 live video chat site package from, LiveCamNetwork 1.9, which included full support and, “everything from webdesign to back-end administration,” said 2much MediaGuy Greg Jones.

“We had a great time atrepparttar 139048 tournament,” Cohen said. “Many of our guys were quite inebriated, some of them probably forrepparttar 139049 first time in their lives. For othersrepparttar 139050 same cannot be said.”

“Raffi and Ramster played a hell of a tournament,” Ungar said. “The crew also put together a hell of a show.”

“The myVirtualCard team did a great job,” said Jones. “Pulling together to makerepparttar 139051 tournament a great success.”

Explained Ungar: “I really have a great team at myVirtualCard, which in my view isrepparttar 139052 key to longevity in any business. It’s going to be bigger and better next year.”

At which point he bit and ate a thousand dollar chip.


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Spyware 101: Understanding and Fighting Spyware

Written by Doug Partridge

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It's often said that Spyware can be installed on your PC "just by visitingrepparttar wrong website." This statement is absolutely true, but have you wondered how that's possible? After all, website operators do not usually haverepparttar 139028 ability to install programs on people's computer without their knowledge.

It's because hackers are able to exploit security vulnerabilities in web browsers (most commonly Internet Explorer). Usually Microsoft releases fixes for security vulnerabilities shortly after they are discovered - yetrepparttar 139029 average Windows user 1.) doesn't know aboutrepparttar 139030 vulnerability and 2.) doesn't know aboutrepparttar 139031 fix.

What this means is that most people go for long periods of time with vulnerable versions of Internet Explorer.

Removingrepparttar 139032 Menace

Legislators are hurrying to create laws banning Spyware ... wonderful, but how does this help you now? The bottom line, you need a dedicated Spyware removal program. Anti-Virus programs have proven ineffective in discovering and removing Spyware. In fact,repparttar 139033 Anti-Virus vendors are just beginning to look out how they can incorporate this functionality into their programs. Again, this is serious problem that requires action now.

The good news is that there are several high-quality Spyware removal that will not only detect and remove Spyware, but will also provide "always on" protection to block new infections.

We've only just scratchedrepparttar 139034 surface - please visit - this is a free website where you can learn more about Spyware and find a removal program that's right for you.

------------------------------------------------- Doug Partridge is the founder of Spyware Help Center, a free site dedicated to Spyware education and removal.

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