Plastic recycling confusion

Written by David Leonhardt

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"Oh. That's a relief."

"Butrepparttar lids are notrepparttar 110124 same. The yogurt top is a number 4, whereasrepparttar 110125 margarine top is a number 2."

"You meanrepparttar 110126 lids are not made ofrepparttar 110127 same plastic asrepparttar 110128 containers?" my wife exclaimed.

"Exactly," I replied. "And notrepparttar 110129 same as each other. There must be a reason they use forrepparttar 110130 yogurt top a plastic of such poor upbringing that our recycling program rejects it. It might be dangerous to mix them up."

"That's silly."

"Then why else would they need three different plastics for two simple containers that are used for essentiallyrepparttar 110131 same purpose underrepparttar 110132 same conditions?"

My wife turned around to leave. "Wait," I cried. "There's more."

"I was afraid of that."

"The parfait container has no number. Does that mean it's undercover? The lid is a 4, which means we can switch it withrepparttar 110133 yogurt lid, but not withrepparttar 110134 margarine lid."

"The parfait container is clear. You can see through it. Maybe they can't recycle see-through plastics."

"Exactly what I thought," I exclaimed. "But look at your shampoo. It's in a clear bottle, a number 1. Butrepparttar 110135 matching conditioner, which is not clear, is in a number 2."

"That makes sense," my wife assured me. "Maybe."

"Not really. Number 2 is used inrepparttar 110136 margarine lid,repparttar 110137 big ice cream bucket andrepparttar 110138 vitamin jar. Besides, here is another margarine container made of clear plastic, and it is also a 5 with a 4 lid."

"This is way too confusing," my wife said. "We have a baby to attend to. She just can't seem to sleep."

"With all our containers mixed up like this, who knows whatrepparttar 110139 world is coming to," I cried. "No wonder she can't sleep."

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Written by Michelle Earl

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Why can't they see thatrepparttar habit's bad For all of us, and it's so sad. Forrepparttar 110123 children around...the next generation Breathe it in....It gets maximum penitration

Coughs and athsma, allergies and such Makes this all too much For they have a filter in their they puff We don't, and enough is enough.

I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Ever since having to stand outside at a Christmas party, I have made a stand against smoking.

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