Planting Blue Flowers In Your Garden

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Cascade, Purple Rockcress - This ground cover grows 3 to 6” tall and is perfect for growing between rocks and in crevices. Deep blue flowers bloom in early to mid spring. Plant in moderate soil inrepparttar full sun or partial shade.

Scabiosa - Butterfly Blue - This bushy perennial is more of a lavender blue perennial plant with 2" flower petals that bloom from June to October. Plant inrepparttar 137799 full sunlight - deadheading after first bloom will encourage repeat sports. This flower attractsrepparttar 137800 most fabulous creatures - butterflies and hummingbirds.

Bachelors Button - This has bright blue thistle like blossoms and will grow to 24". It shows its blooms in late summer to early fall - cut down after first bloom for another bloom later inrepparttar 137801 season. Plant inrepparttar 137802 full sunlight.

Campanula, Blue Carpet - Flowers in bright blue to lilac bloom for weeks inrepparttar 137803 middle of summer. A low growing perennial, this grows to 2 – 4” and prefers full sun and a well drained soil.

Bellflower - Enjoy bright violet blue blooms all summer with this plant that grows to 30” tall. Can grow in partial shade or full sun and likes well drained soil.

Penstemon, Blue Buckle - Tubular shaped blooms in blue to purple from mid summer to early fall. Plant grows 12” to 15” and prefers well drained soil with either full or partial sun.

Balloon Flower - Sentimental Blue - This shorter plant has medium blue flowers that puff up before It blooms in. It can get to about 8" and likes to grow in a fully sunny spot.

Petunia, Blue Spark Cascadia - Lavender blue flowers adorn this long blooming plant that produces flowers from early spring until frost. Grows 6 to 8” but can have longer cascades when grown in planters. Will grow in partial shade or full sun.

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A Few Simple Facts About Purple Martins

Written by Cedar Creek Woodshop

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Many people build Purple Martin houses to attract martins early inrepparttar spring, which are generally well liked byrepparttar 137752 birds. They preferrepparttar 137753 wooden condominium type houses. Most people like to paint there bird house white as white keepsrepparttar 137754 house cooler and is attractive torepparttar 137755 birds. Aluminum and plastic is used also inrepparttar 137756 commercially built bird house, but wood is by farrepparttar 137757 best choice for keeping cool. The best height to mount your bird house is from 15 to 20 inrepparttar 137758 air, but lower heights to 10 feet will work in wide open spaces. Always be sure to put a predator guard onrepparttar 137759 pole to prevent predatory cats or other vermin from raidingrepparttar 137760 nests.

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