Planning a baby shower

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If there isrepparttar situation of divorced parents, this can be handled in one of two ways. Ifrepparttar 146762 parents are on good terms, then they can certainly get along atrepparttar 146763 shower forrepparttar 146764 sake ofrepparttar 146765 baby and their son or daughter. However, if conflict exists and inviting them could berepparttar 146766 recipe for disaster, then having two baby showers would berepparttar 146767 wise decision.

In addition, if you arerepparttar 146768 host, never assume that a certain person should be invited. Onrepparttar 146769 other hand, never assume that someone should be left offrepparttar 146770 invitee list. Remember, this baby shower is forrepparttar 146771 expectant mother and father, no one else. Therefore,repparttar 146772 final list should always be confirmed withrepparttar 146773 expectant mother or parents.

Oncerepparttar 146774 guest list is finalized, you will have a much better idea ofrepparttar 146775 amount of food and beverages needed forrepparttar 146776 shower, as well asrepparttar 146777 utensils and tableware. Remember, if you suspect you will be planning a shower inrepparttar 146778 near future, start saving right away and talk torepparttar 146779 in-laws to see if they would be willing to assist financially. This is not tacky at all and in fact, most ofrepparttar 146780 mothers and fathers would be delighted to pitch in.

When you have completedrepparttar 146781 list, remember that this does not mean everyone can attend, even if he or she wants. Therefore, be prepared to handle those who cannot attend graciously.

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Baby Shower Gifts

Written by Cathy Cripps

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•Always speak torepparttar sibling before making overrepparttar 146761 baby. The sibling will know what is going on whilerepparttar 146762 baby has no idea. Therefore, when you enterrepparttar 146763 home or place ofrepparttar 146764 baby shower, take just a moment to greetrepparttar 146765 child. Instead of saying, “Do you like your new sister/brother” putrepparttar 146766 focus on them. Something as simple as, “How are you, you look so cute! I bet you arerepparttar 146767 best big sister/brother inrepparttar 146768 world.” You would be amazed at how such a small gesture can make such a big impact. Not only isrepparttar 146769 child gettingrepparttar 146770 recognition needed but also,repparttar 146771 parents appreciate this since they too understandrepparttar 146772 insecurities occurring withrepparttar 146773 sibling. •Bring a small, inexpensive gift forrepparttar 146774 sibling. Althoughrepparttar 146775 purpose ofrepparttar 146776 shower is to celebraterepparttar 146777 life ofrepparttar 146778 newborn baby, a small $2 gift is important. You can take a plain brown lunch bag, draw pictures or paste cartoons or stickers on it, and inside, add a granola bar, a coloring book and crayons, book, toy car, etc. All these items are inexpensive and can makerepparttar 146779 baby shower more enjoyable forrepparttar 146780 sibling.

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