Planning a Water Garden...

Written by Gordon Goh

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Most water gardens are an addition or extension ofrepparttar natural landscape. To encourage and invite your guests torepparttar 113301 water garden for picnics, for chats, and for just sitting in pleasure: Planrepparttar 113302 water garden so it's visible fromrepparttar 113303 walkway to your home. The water garden that your visitors and guests see while entering your home adds value to your home and to your conversation!

In planning your water garden, use a sheet of paper to write down what you want to gain from your water garden. Start your list by using personal reasons, value reasoning, enhancing, or changingrepparttar 113304 overall look of your landscape. Alternately, you may simply want a place for solitude. These arerepparttar 113305 desires you'll write on your list. From this list, you can better plan 'where' your water garden will suit you and your ideas.

Gordon Goh is author ofrepparttar 113306 free, informative website Simply Flower Garden offering quality useful tips for flower garden lovers.

Gordon Goh is author of the free, informative website content of Flower | Garden Tips offering quality useful tips for flower gardening

Understanding Weeds Ė How to Kill them?

Written by Chris Coffman

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In addition to culture practices, sometimesrepparttar assistance of chemicals is needed to control weed growth. In that case, there are several types of herbicides that can be used. Preemergence herbicides will affect seeds that are germinating. Since they are best used two to three weeks beforerepparttar 113300 seeds start to grow, these work best to combat annual weeds. Postmergence herbicides are used, as their prefix implies, afterrepparttar 113301 weeds have sprouted. Since they must be absorbed throughrepparttar 113302 leaves, this types of herbicide works best with a spray. These can be used at any time, but are most effective whenrepparttar 113303 weed is still young and growing. Selective postmergence herbicides are usually used to control annual, biennial and perennial broadleaf weeds, as they will not damage grass. But, they can kill trees, shrubs and flowers. These have to be used in proper conditions as well, with no rain inrepparttar 113304 forecast for two days to follow, air 60-80 degrees and no winds. Finally, non-selective postmergence herbicides kill all types of weeds, and are best used to spot treat grassy weeds that are not affected byrepparttar 113305 selective herbicides.

So next time you see a Dandelion plant growing, donít make a wish and blowrepparttar 113306 seeds toward inrepparttar 113307 direction of a lawn fanatic- they may not getrepparttar 113308 perfectly manicured lawn they wished for!

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