Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

Written by Randy Wilson

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Even whenrepparttar sky is beautiful, any open space is subject to being hit by gusts of wind. Assume that anything able to blow around, will. Some things to keep in mind are tablecloths, napkins, disposable cups and plates, centerpieces, seating arrangement cards, and SCENTS from trash cans, neighboring pig farms, etc.

Supply bug spray and sunblock for your less-prepared guests. Perhaps a small booth off to one corner ofrepparttar 149396 lot could be dedicated to this task. Citronella candles aroundrepparttar 149397 perimeter can also be quite effective in this regard.

Distribute a large number of trash receptacles throughoutrepparttar 149398 outdoor wedding reception area. Guests are more likely to pick up a fluttering plate or napkin when they are near a place to discard it. You will also want hire an attendent whose sole job is to patrolrepparttar 149399 site and keep things stocked up and litter-free.

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Finding Your Soulmate

Written by Kenneth A. Sprang and Carol Sprang, MA, RNC, LCPC

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I would like to suggest that there are two criteria for a soulmate. First, a soulmate is one who shares your vision and attitude about life and viewsrepparttar world “throughrepparttar 149251 same glasses” as you do. Second, a soulmate is as concerned about your happiness and your pursuit of your life’s dreams, as he/she is about his/her own. As I worked throughrepparttar 149252 pain, grief, and inevitable self-discovery followingrepparttar 149253 end of my first marriage of over 25 years, I begin to realize that my first wife—a fine person with whom I continue to enjoy a valued relationship—and I viewedrepparttar 149254 world from a completely different perspective. I often toldrepparttar 149255 story of being with our two children on Mt. Mansfield in Stowe, Vermont. One can drive torepparttar 149256 peak ofrepparttar 149257 mountain, but then it must be explored on foot. One ofrepparttar 149258 natural attractions isrepparttar 149259 “Nose,” a rock formation that requires some modest agility to climb. My daughter—10 or 12 atrepparttar 149260 time, promptly scampered up torepparttar 149261 crest ofrepparttar 149262 nose. I followed as far as I could go before my fear of heights stopped me. When we climbed down, her mother asked “Why on earth would you climb up there?” My daughter Heidi promptly answered “Because its there.” I understand exactly what Heidi meant, though her mother did not. When I met my wife Carol I discovered that she was alwaysrepparttar 149263 first one uprepparttar 149264 mountain—“because its there.” I invite you to think about your vision of life and its purposes. Where is your life leading you? What is your purpose in life? What to you want to be, do, and have in life? Give some time to forming your vision or world view. Then armed with your vision be alert to a partner who brings a similar vision to life. Then be aware of whether this partner is as genuinely concerned about encouraging you to follow your dreams and pursue your life vision, as he or she is about pursuing his own. If you find all that, chances are you have found your soulmate.

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