Planning Permission Tips UK - Loft Conversions in UK Properties - Do They Add Value?

Written by Martin Meaks

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Some people subscribing to our news letter may value our 'design lead' approach so we schedule below some of our assessment criteria relating to loft conversions that you may find useful:-

1. Does it need Planning Permission - If so utilisingrepparttar councils design guides is a must. Some front or side facing dormers may still be resisted even if they are small. Velux windows often overcome these objections. In most cases, big bulky box dormers will not be allowed.

2. What area of new space doesrepparttar 144702 client require - Many clients have overambitious floor space targets & visualise 3 bedrooms for example (all with ensuite of course). They fail to appreciaterepparttar 144703 loss of floor space caused byrepparttar 144704 extensive sloping soffits, &repparttar 144705 new stairs.

3. Where canrepparttar 144706 new stair set go - Many clients fail to realise that their preferred location forrepparttar 144707 stairs does not achieverepparttar 144708 required head room withinrepparttar 144709 new floor for example. In most cases some existing floor space ofrepparttar 144710 bedrooms for example will need to be sacrificed.

4. It is better to achieve one or two good sized functional rooms to compensate forrepparttar 144711 lack of head room in some areas ofrepparttar 144712 new rooms rather than trying to cram inrepparttar 144713 bedroom numbers forrepparttar 144714 sake of it whererepparttar 144715 new rooms can become nothing more than single bed sleeping podules with very little inbuilt amenity value.

5. If flat roofed dormers can only be achieved due torepparttar 144716 low ridge height then splitrepparttar 144717 dormers into 2 or three smaller ones with no more than 1200mm (4') wide windows to break up its bulk. Always, always always recessrepparttar 144718 dormer intorepparttar 144719 roof slope to reducerepparttar 144720 dormers bulk - DO NOT BUILD THE EXTERNAL FACE OF THE DORMER WALL OFF THE EXISTING EXTERNAL WALL OF THE HOUSE.

6. If a client wants a conversion with only Velux type roof lights then all well & good (much cheaper as well). However an exercise should be completed to explorerepparttar 144721 possibilities of a strategically located dormer or two that often frees up an extra 30% floor area thatrepparttar 144722 client may not have realised for very little extra money.

7. Dormers are notrepparttar 144723 only design solution to more light & space - consideration could also be given to a hip to gable conversion ofrepparttar 144724 side roof for example that wont look out of keeping (unless your a semi of course).

8. As a rule of thumb torepparttar 144725 practicality of your new room inrepparttar 144726 roof - if you can already touchrepparttar 144727 ridge board when standing inrepparttar 144728 loft (about 2.3M or less), then its normally too small to form useful functioning bedrooms unless a bulky box dormer is constructed (which is what we are trying to avoid) If it is an area just for a play room or a study then all well & good but beware, many people have embarked on tight loft conversions only to realise too late that that they have no where to placerepparttar 144729 bed or locate a wardrobe.

There are a great many other issues to consider as well when completing loft conversions such as overheating, fire regs, weather protection duringrepparttar 144730 works etc. & these are major discussion topics in themselves that I will leave for another day. However,repparttar 144731 points listed above arerepparttar 144732 main ones relative torepparttar 144733 external design & appearance of loft conversions.

Our 'Maximum Build Planning Guide' explains furtherrepparttar 144734 tactics involved when developing a site with a loft conversion or extension & how to give yourselfrepparttar 144735 best chance of being granted a planning permission or planning approval.

Martin meaks is a very experienced Planning Consultant who has formed a UK planning permission information web site.

Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Written by Terri Greene

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Keeprepparttar Pumps On

Keeping you hot tub running 24 hours a day will help to prevent bacteria and viruses. Water which stays in one place for a certain period of time tends to grow bacteria and fungus which can lead to a number of problems inrepparttar 144343 future. You can purchase automatic timers to install into your hot tub which will automatically activerepparttar 144344 pump at certain times throughoutrepparttar 144345 day.

Cleaningrepparttar 144346 Filter

Userepparttar 144347 manufacturer’s instructions regarding how to cleanrepparttar 144348 pump’s filter. Generally, when you emptyrepparttar 144349 hot tub to replacerepparttar 144350 water you should cleanrepparttar 144351 pump filter. Ensurerepparttar 144352 filter basket inrepparttar 144353 hot tub is free of debris at all times, especially ifrepparttar 144354 hot tub is outside or uncovered.

Following these steps will help to reducerepparttar 144355 chance of fungus or bacteria buildup in your hot tub. Proper chemical maintenance is needed to prevent diseases as well. Taking steps in maintaining your hot tub now can save you a lot of time and money inrepparttar 144356 future.

Terri Greene works as a contributing editor for the website which offers information about hot tubs - for everything from portable hot tubs to spa covers.

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