Planning An Out Of State Move

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Of course, you will need to find suitable housing inrepparttar new state. You should plan a couple of trips out to look for new houses with realtors. If you are not sure whetherrepparttar 146172 move will be permanent, consider renting a house forrepparttar 146173 first year. That way if you don’t want to stay it will be easier to pick up and leave.

Last, but not least, you need to planrepparttar 146174 move itself. Will you be using movers? Will they be packing up all your stuff or will you pack and they just haul it torepparttar 146175 truck? It’s not a bad idea to get organized with a moving checklist. Start your checklist a month or more beforerepparttar 146176 move and keep adding to it as you think of things. Here’s a short list to start you off:

- Buy boxes or rent crates and get packing material - Pack items you do not need for everyday use like knick knacks and decorative items - Arrange for a House inspection (for bothrepparttar 146177 new and old houses) - Gather pay stubs and other records for loan - Arrange for utility shut off / reconnect for phones, lights and gas - Change address on checks and business cards - Finalize with movers - Schedule move out cleaning

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Blacks need to come out the closet to support BET News and Black media in general

Written by Edrea Davis

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Here’s a clue. Katherine Stapp of Inter Press Service recently reported thatrepparttar first nationwide assessment of foreign-language and other ethnic media found that ethnic radio, television and newspapers inrepparttar 146171 United States now reach 64 million people. However,repparttar 146172 article adds, Sandy Close of New California Media says "only three to four percent ofrepparttar 146173 145 billion dollars spent on U.S. advertising goes to ethnic media." With these figures we can expect to see more profit-oriented mainstream publishers setting up shop to get a piece ofrepparttar 146174 lucrative “ethnic” market.

One might mentionrepparttar 146175 quality factor. It is true that budget limitations prevent Black media from providingrepparttar 146176 glitz and glamour comparable to that of mainstream press. Don’t criticize, take action.

Start by subscribing to a Black publication today. If your cable station does not offer TV One orrepparttar 146177 Black Family Channel, make a request to your cable provider. If they don’t respond, this is your opportunity to complain. For those of you with, or in charge of advertising budgets, make sure Black media is a major line item in your campaign. We need to be proactive, not reactive.

What if public relations professionals would not service Black media if a client only spent adverting dollars with mainstream? What if, instead of refusing interviews with Black press, publicists granted exclusives to Black media for A-list clients? Imaginerepparttar 146178 impact if Will & Jada, Denzel, Halle, Jamie, Usher, Nelson, and Rev. Al only spoke with Black Media. Blacks are a driving force internationally, leveraging our power for just one week would position Black media acrossrepparttar 146179 globe. It’s time for Black America to put up or shut up.

Asrepparttar 146180 end nears for BET Nightly News I urge you to stop complaining and take a minute to pleadrepparttar 146181 case forrepparttar 146182 newscast. If you would like to see BET continue to provide their excellent coverage of Black news and events send a note to BET explaining why it is important to keeprepparttar 146183 show onrepparttar 146184 air. Email, fax, or send your message in a bottle, but let them know that we do supportrepparttar 146185 work that BET is doing forrepparttar 146186 community. For those who don’t watchrepparttar 146187 newscast, stand up for those who do.

The “look what they did to us now” approach is ineffective inrepparttar 146188 new millennium. It’s time for Black folks to come outrepparttar 146189 closet and demonstrate a little “Black Pride.”

Edrea Davis is a media consultant and multimedia producer. Contact her at

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