Plan for Business Success - 6 Reasons to Succession Plan

Written by Martin Haworth

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  • Joy

    In an organisation where there are clear, focused plans forrepparttar future, supported key people and developing new employees,repparttar 145458 mood is different. In fact,repparttar 145459 engagement of their people is so good thatrepparttar 145460 manager presides over a lot of fun, joy and happiness. That is a remarkably thrilling experience atrepparttar 145461 top of an organisation or team.

  • Input

    With much more discussion going on in an open and honest framework, employees begin to talk much more. They begin to see that they can help and create an impact. For managers this can be a bit challenging – but they learn to trust and seekrepparttar 145462 help and support from their people too. That is massively more creative in say, problem-solving that going alone. Better, easier solutions are found.

  • Team Building

    Because each ofrepparttar 145463 key players is involved inrepparttar 145464 process, they start to share their skills and knowledge. Partly because it evolves them as mini-managers, and partly because it is good to share. This a great group of people, working together to deliver excellent results brings a team ethic like never before. The team, of whichrepparttar 145465 manager is of course a part, becomesrepparttar 145466 business. So what are you waiting for - there are Succession Planning resources out there, which are many timesrepparttar 145467 value of their cost.

    Martin Haworth is a Business and Management Coach. He works worldwide with business owners and corporate leaders. He is the author of the Succession Planning Toolkit. Checkout the complimentary 7-day E-course! (Note to editors. Feel free to use this article with a live link if possible).

  • How to Get the Job You Want in Any Economy...Act Like a Headhunter

    Written by Mike Nacke

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    With your list of companies in hand, check out a web site called It is a free web site that monitors changes on any site that you ask it to. Now look uprepparttar career pages ofrepparttar 145457 100 companies that you are interested in and have ChangeNotes monitorrepparttar 145458 sites for you. You will receive a daily email of changes on those pages and won’t have to go to all 100 sites every night to make sure you always have up to date information. You know have daily information coming to you about any job opening at your top 100 prospects.

    4. Call Hiring Managers Directly – Once you actually find an job opening, it’s not enough to send a few resumes and wait byrepparttar 145459 phone. You’ve got to get onrepparttar 145460 phone withrepparttar 145461 company receptionist and figure out whorepparttar 145462 hiring manager is forrepparttar 145463 position. Don’t act aggressive, but be confident, firm, and respectful. These people get calls all day from salesmen that thinkrepparttar 145464 way to deal with them is to bully their way through to getrepparttar 145465 information they want. You’d be surprised how much someone will tell you if you just ask nice. If you want more information about some techniques thatrepparttar 145466 big boys use to get information about a company, check out my article entitled “Sourcing 101: How to Get Information and Find Top Talent in any Company.” Once you’ve figured out whorepparttar 145467 hiring manager is, give him a call and pitch your credentials. Let him know that you’re extremely interested inrepparttar 145468 position and you wouldn’t be calling if you weren’t convinced you’rerepparttar 145469 right person forrepparttar 145470 job.

    5. Upload your Resume to Every Relevant Job Board – Many headhunters will tell you that advertising online and using massive internet job boards is a waste of time, but I know plenty of recruiters that regularly conduct searches primarily using online job boards. By now, you should’ve polished up your resume and brought it intorepparttar 145471 twenty first century by having an electronic copy. Now you just need to upload it torepparttar 145472 web. I recommend putting it on as many job boards as are relevant to your search. I recently read a statistic that around 70% of recruiters and job seekers are loyal to one job board. That means that ifrepparttar 145473 company you’re trying to land a job with is using Career Builder and you’re only using Monster, they’re not going to find you. Recruiters have to pay a separate fee to each resume database and because ofrepparttar 145474 sheer number of candidates on each job board, most recruiters are able to find plenty of candidates by using only one source. The big three are Monster, CareerBuilder, and Hotjobs. Start with these three and then start posting torepparttar 145475 smaller and more local sites.

    One word of caution about posting to internet sites. If your search is confidential, only put your first name and last initial onrepparttar 145476 resume and list your current company as “Company Confidential”. Don’t be afraid to do this, recruiters see it allrepparttar 145477 time and are able to glean your experience fromrepparttar 145478 industries and titles that you list.

    Implement these five tips and you’ll begin seeing a big difference in your job search. These arerepparttar 145479 things that headhunters do every day to make a living. They work if you’re just willing to try a few new things.

    I know some of you are saying to yourself “I don’t think I can do this stuff,” or “Sounds a little scary to me.” If your stomach gets a little queasyrepparttar 145480 first time you cold call a hiring manager to pitch your credentials, you’re just like every other headhunter in his first year onrepparttar 145481 job. I’ll tell you a closely guarded secret though, that feeling never entirely goes away. The only difference betweenrepparttar 145482 top dog headhunters andrepparttar 145483 one’s that can’t cut it are thatrepparttar 145484 top dogs acknowledge their fear ofrepparttar 145485 phone, considerrepparttar 145486 ramifications of giving in to that fear, and overcome it every day.

    Roger Ailes says in his book, "You Arerepparttar 145487 Message." "It's a mental process to overcome stage fright. You have to say, 'I have a right to be here. What I have to say is of value to this audience. I am an authority on this subject.'" Mr. Ailes goes on to say, "Interestingly, courage isn'trepparttar 145488 absence of fear. It is action inrepparttar 145489 presence of fear." If you’re willing to take action, despite your fear of doing some new things, you’re well on your way to finding your next big opportunity.

    Mike Nacke is a speaker, author, and consultant to business owners, managers, and recruiters. He has helped companies save millions of dollars by developing unique hiring processes that turn hiring into a measurable science. His clients range from fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Visit to learn more about reducing turnover and increasing the productivity of your workforce.

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