Plan Before You Plant

Written by Jean Fritz

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If, onrepparttar other hand, you relish “fussing,” annuals, vegetables, fruit trees or fruiting shrubs (such as raspberries, blackberries or currants), and tea and shrub roses can be added to your landscape. These plants all require routine maintenance including trimming, pruning, weeding, deadheading, and regular pest control.


A plant’s final size – height and width – are also important factors in choosing plant material. Plant size should be in proportion torepparttar 113404 size ofrepparttar 113405 bed andrepparttar 113406 size of any buildings or fixtures. If you’ve ever seen foundation plants that have overshadowedrepparttar 113407 home they were supposed to compliment, you’ll know what I mean. Those overgrown arborvitae eventually have to be cut down and dug out, which is backbreaking labor, or expensive if you have to hire a Bobcat. Better to plant withrepparttar 113408 end result in mind.

Bloom time is your final consideration. You may choose to create a mixture of shrubs, bulbs, perennials and annuals in your bed, which will produce a long period of blooming as each group flowers successively. You may decide that one splash of color, followed by a pleasing palate of green, is more to your liking. Knowing when a plant shows its best side (and what it looks like afterward) can help you choose whether that plant belongs in your yard, or if you’ll maliciously suggest it to your crabbiest neighbor.

Takerepparttar 113409 time to plan before you plant, and you’ll be rewarded with seasons of color, fragrance, and garden health.

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The Many Types of Yellow Water Lilies

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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A medium version ofrepparttar Chromatella isrepparttar 113403 "Moorei" lily flower is smaller and will use brown spots inrepparttar 113404 leaves instead ofrepparttar 113405 purple inrepparttar 113406 leaves ofrepparttar 113407 plant. This plant is more suited forrepparttar 113408 small water garden.

"Sulphurea" is yet another yellow lily grown inrepparttar 113409 small water garden. The flowers are taller than others, held aboverepparttar 113410 leaves ofrepparttar 113411 plant while atrepparttar 113412 same timerepparttar 113413 petals point upwards to reachrepparttar 113414 sun.

Changes you can make inrepparttar 113415 water garden includerepparttar 113416 use ofrepparttar 113417 miniature lily,repparttar 113418 "Helvola". This small lily is only about two inches wide and it will fit inrepparttar 113419 smallest of water gardens or creatively used inrepparttar 113420 container water garden.

The point of describingrepparttar 113421 various types of yellow lilies is to show you that you have choices. If you walk into a supply store but only see one or two types of lilies, you most likely are not going to getrepparttar 113422 full effect of what you were searching for. Be sure to read about how largerepparttar 113423 lilies will grow, and how fastrepparttar 113424 lilies will take over your water garden so you can be sure that your water garden will be your ultimate dream!

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