Pitching to Employees

Written by Robert F. Abbott

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Well, we’d probably start in muchrepparttar same way that we start with external customers: by finding out what they wanted. By identifyingrepparttar 140192 benefits that they consider most important, and communicating about those benefits.

As we articulate our reasons for internal marketing (setting objectives), as we figure outrepparttar 140193 goals of employees, and identifyrepparttar 140194 best medium, we’re setting out a communication strategy.

Once we have a strategy we can go on torepparttar 140195 tactics, which outline how we will implementrepparttar 140196 strategy: what will we discuss, how often we’ll discuss it, and what presentation style we’ll use.

What we’ll discuss refers to our subject matter; how often refers torepparttar 140197 number of times in a specified time period that we will communicaterepparttar 140198 subject matter, and presentation style refers torepparttar 140199 tone we’ll take in sending our messages.

Once bothrepparttar 140200 strategy and tactics are in place, we act. We implementrepparttar 140201 plan. And good internal marketing, like external marketing, would involve gathering feedback afterward.

Inrepparttar 140202 case of external customers, feedback is immediate and obvious; they buy or they don’t buy. When we turn to internal customers, though,repparttar 140203 feedback will be less obvious. In general, though, we will have set objectives based on having employees do certain things; inrepparttar 140204 feedback phase we can ask whether they did it, and how well, and how often.

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Your Ultimate Leadership Feedback Loop: Their Leadership

Written by Brent Filson

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Such leadership might entail: -- takingrepparttar initiative to order and manage supplies, -- evaluatingrepparttar 140059 job results and raising those results to ever higher levels, -- having floor sweeping be an integral part ofrepparttar 140060 general cleaning policy, -- hiring, training, developing other floor sweepers, -- instilling a "floor sweeping esprit"that can be manifested in training, special uniforms and insignias , behavior, etc. -- setting floor sweeping strategy and goals.

Otherwise, in a "doing" mode, one simply pushes a broom.

You may say, "Listen, Brent, a job is a job is a job. This leadership thing is making too much of not much!"

Could be. But my point is that applying leadership to a task changesrepparttar 140061 expectations ofrepparttar 140062 task. It even changesrepparttar 140063 task itself. Think of it, when we ourselves are challenged to lead and not simply do, our world is, I submit, changed.

Whenever you need to lead people to accomplish a task, challenge them not to do that task but to take leadership of that task.

This gets back torepparttar 140064 key measurement of your leadership. Your leadership should best be measured not by your leadership but byrepparttar 140065 leadership ofrepparttar 140066 people you lead.

Now, in becoming leaders, they can't simply do what they want. They must come to an agreement with you as to what leadership actions they will take. You can veto any of their proposed actions. However, userepparttar 140067 veto sparingly. Cultivate your confidence and their confidence in their leadership.

When you evaluaterepparttar 140068 effectiveness of your leadership byrepparttar 140069 feedback loop connected to their leadership, you are assessing your world as it should be, and great results will follow.

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