Pink Lemonade

Written by Janice Wee

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Together, they make one delicious, nutritious beauty drink.

Here is a simple recipe for this pink lemonade.

  1. Wash and dry a pretty glass jug pitcher to present your pink lemonade in.
  2. Userepparttar juicer to squeeze out allrepparttar 146691 juice from 1 lemon.
  3. Clean 10 strawberries and removerepparttar 146692 green stalk. Wash them thoroughly.
  4. Blend strawberries and some distilled or mineral water to form a smooth liquid
  5. Mixrepparttar 146693 strawberry liquid withrepparttar 146694 lemon juice and 4 tablespoons of honey.
  6. Top uprepparttar 146695 jug with distilled water or mineral water and lots of ice.
  7. Tasterepparttar 146696 drink. If it is too sour for your liking, add more honey to sweeten it until it is just right.

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History of Hawaiian Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

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Imagine taking a highly refined strain ofrepparttar prized coffee Arabica and transplanting it in a place that had absolutely perfect conditions that were as of yet unknown torepparttar 146625 world. The result would be an even more evolved, more refined strain of what was alreadyrepparttar 146626 best inrepparttar 146627 world. Hawaiian coffee soon became known for its superb, rich, high-toned acidity; fruit nuance; medium to full body and complex aroma.

The Kona coast onrepparttar 146628 Big Island of Hawaii has been described asrepparttar 146629 Napa Valley ofrepparttar 146630 coffee world. Kona grown Hawaiian coffee more resemblesrepparttar 146631 finest Latin American coffees than that of other Pacific region coffees. Much likerepparttar 146632 Napa Valley surprisedrepparttar 146633 wine world when it started producing world-class wines; Hawaii continues to surpassrepparttar 146634 expectations of connoisseurs aroundrepparttar 146635 world with clean, crisp, perfectly balanced coffees.

While coffee might not berepparttar 146636 beverage of choice while relaxing on a beach in paradise, a cup of Hawaiian coffee and a little imagination might just help easerepparttar 146637 tension of a hectic day and transport you, at least temporarily, to a place where life is much slower and your biggest problem is deciding what color of tiny-umbrella to put in your other favorite beverage.

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