Pinging Your Own Blog Is It Search Engine Spaming?

Written by je Dunn

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Allrepparttar major search engines have declared war on SE Spam. Automated generated web pages that have made people quite a bit of money overrepparttar 146818 past few years are disappearing faster than cattle in area 51. (Oh, sorry I forgot area 51 doesn't exist.)

Now I can't say for sure that "Big Brother" is watching, but I know that Google is.

So blog and ping real useable content.

Don't automaterepparttar 146819 process in a regimented four pages every fifteen minutes or whatever, that will get your site noticed, but not inrepparttar 146820 way you want it to.

If you intend to promote affiliate products on your sites do more than just post a link torepparttar 146821 product. You must provide some usable information such as price comparisons or reviews to be considered a worthwhile page by Google.

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Console Strategy

Written by Tim Dilley

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Summary: Using this strategy you will see your float go up and down drastically. If it does go down below your float minimum for your level, you might have to deviate fromrepparttar strategy and process an outexchange. Using this strategy you are helping to keeprepparttar 146733 system balanced and monies moving. You also realizerepparttar 146734 greatest gains from your console.

P.S. The only time you would process an outexchange would be when you had no claims that started with O's or if your float was below your minimum. When an AIX came in you would either do a claimexchange or POX based on this strategy.

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