Picking your wedding photographer.

Written by Edward Mercer

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So try and hire someone who you like and get along with, someone whose photographic style you like, and someone who does most of their image enhancement afterrepparttar event. If you can find a photographer who is all of these things then you will be assured of a successful day, as well as wonderful images, and a friend who will record allrepparttar 144519 important events in you life. http://thebestweddingdayplanner.com

Ed has been a professional wedding photographer for almost 30 years. Ed and his wife Susan have been featured in The Professional Photographer and had their pictures published in many other magazines.

Free Wedding Planning Guide and Checklist

Written by Jean Bachcroft

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4 Months Before

*Finalize guest list. *Have first dress fitting. *Order wedding rings. *Schedule rehearsals. *Find out if blood tests will be required. *Get change-of-name forms. *Visitrepparttar formalwear shop.

2 Months Before

*Shop for lingerie and honeymoon clothes. *Pick out shoes. (When you get them home, donít forget to scuff up soles to prevent slipping.) *Mail wedding invitations. *Finalize vows and give copies to clergyman and groom. *Select gifts for attendants. *If necessary, get change of address forms from post office.

1 Month Before

*Have final dress fitting. *Pick up rings. *Have programs printed. *Confirm all reservations. *Send announcement to newspapers.

2 Weeks Before

*Get marriage license. *Make final arrangements with photographer. *Organize seating plans. *Begin writing thank-you notes. *Type up toasts forrepparttar 144473 rehearsal dinner and reception. *Give final guest count to caterer.

1 Week Before

*Pack forrepparttar 144474 honeymoon. *Make necessary banking arrangements. *Host bridesmaidsí party and distribute gifts. *Pick up wedding dress. *Confirm rehearsal dinner plans with attendants.

1 Day Before

*Have manicure and pedicure. *Attend rehearsal and dinner. *Mail announcements.

Wedding Day

*Eat breakfast. *Visit hairstylist and have nails touched up.

Best Wishes!

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