Picking Up A Horse's Hoof

Written by Jeffrey Rolo

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There is a slight difference between lifting a rear foot and front foot, even though your basic positioning and actions are nearly identical. When you lift your horse's rear foot he will probably give a little jerk that you might misinterpret as a kick. This is a common reflex reaction among horses and nothing for you to worry about.

Secondly, when you raise your horse's rear leg you'll want to step into him a bit so that your hip is underneath his leg. Rest his leg on your thigh, grab his hoof and gently flex it upwards. By doing this you lend him some support and more importantlyrepparttar position of his leg and his flexed hoof will prevent him from being able to kick you.

Cleanrepparttar 125739 hoof, lower it cautiously as you didrepparttar 125740 first and praise him. Congratulations – you're halfway done! The opposite side will be done exactlyrepparttar 125741 same way, but try to return to his front and startrepparttar 125742 opposite side rather than move around his rear. It's bad practice to approach or circle all butrepparttar 125743 most trusted horses viarepparttar 125744 rear in such close quarters since a horse would be within range to strike.

When lifting any hoof try to make sure your horse is properly squared (balanced evenly on all four legs) so that when you lift one hoof he can easily balance on his remaining three. At no time shouldrepparttar 125745 horse actually lean his weight on you! Even when you rest his rear leg on your thigh you're not allowing him to use you as a crutch.

Once you have picked your horse's hooves a few times it will probably become very simple and take less than 5 minutes to clear all hooves. Most trained horses will raise their hoof for yourepparttar 125746 moment they feel your leg run down their leg.

It is a very good idea to control your horse's head while you are picking his hooves. This can be done by attaching his halter to crossties or asking a partner hold your horse's head. By controlling his head you ensure your horse can't move away from you while you're trying to pick his hooves, or worse… turn around and take a bite at your rear!

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How To Save Money By Testing For Feline UTI Yourself

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

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Give kitty time to give you a sample inrepparttar box. Check often, to make sure you get fresh cat urine. Why? Fresh cat urine will give yourepparttar 125738 most accurate pH reading. The olderrepparttar 125739 urine,repparttar 125740 higherrepparttar 125741 pH reading will be...you'll think kitty has a problem, when she may not.

Diprepparttar 125742 urine pH test strip into kitty's urine, and GENTLY shakerepparttar 125743 excess off, overrepparttar 125744 cat litter box. Holdrepparttar 125745 wet end up, and compare it torepparttar 125746 chart that comes withrepparttar 125747 urine pH test strip kit.

A normal reading is 6.4 - 6.6. If it's any lower or higher, please contact your vet as soon as possible for more information.

I test my cat Scout monthly. Since I've begun using this method, I no longer have to guess ifrepparttar 125748 changes in her diet and lifestyle are working to prevent future UTI occurences. I know for certain, based onrepparttar 125749 urine sample test reading.

What could be easier? You:

- Can test kitty at home, at your leisure, and hers.

- Don't have to schedule a vet visit.

- Can easily readrepparttar 125750 test results quickly.

- Will know if an appointment with kitty's vet is necessary or not.

Remember, this testing will tell you that a recurring UTI is possible - it's NOT definitive. For confirmation, you will need to take your catrepparttar 125751 vet.

Good luck, and happy testing!



Nancy has successfully eliminated cat urine odor from her home, and kept the kitty that caused it.

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