Picking The Perfect Christmas Gift

Written by Alan Tutt

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The other main principle that I use to choose great gifts is psychic perception. If I just don't know enough aboutrepparttar person I'm shopping for, and I really don't know what they want out of life, I call upon my spiritual connection with all life (and with that, my connection with that person) to dorepparttar 122197 choosing for me.

Here'srepparttar 122198 reason this works. At a fundamental level, we are all connected. Connected so closely that we are virtuallyrepparttar 122199 same being living multiple lives. When we open ourselves to this connection, there is a synchronicity that can be used in many ways. For our purpose of choosingrepparttar 122200 perfect gift, this connection will tell us when we haverepparttar 122201 right gift in mind forrepparttar 122202 person we're shopping for.

And here's how to do it. The easiest way is to bringrepparttar 122203 image of bothrepparttar 122204 intended recipient andrepparttar 122205 intended gift into your mind atrepparttar 122206 same time, after you've opened yourself torepparttar 122207 infinite spiritual connection. Withrepparttar 122208 connection active, andrepparttar 122209 images of bothrepparttar 122210 gift andrepparttar 122211 receiver in mind, there will either be a harmony betweenrepparttar 122212 images or they won't be. If a harmony exists,repparttar 122213 gift isrepparttar 122214 right one. If harmony isn't there,repparttar 122215 gift isn't right.

The harmony you're looking for is more than a simple "do they seem okay for each other" kind of thing. It's more of "is there a sense of electricity with this combination" kind of harmony. If you get a sense of excitement when bringingrepparttar 122216 two together, then you can count onrepparttar 122217 gift being well received.

Just make sure that you've developed a strong connection to Spirit, or this technique won't always work. Withoutrepparttar 122218 spiritual connection, any excitement you feel will only be your own. You wantrepparttar 122219 excitement to come fromrepparttar 122220 person you're shopping for, not from yourself.

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Power Breathing

Written by Alan Tutt

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One ofrepparttar easiest ways to direct Power is to imagine that it is carried byrepparttar 122196 air you breath. As you breath in, you are bringing Power into your being, and as you breath out, you are sending Power away from you. Your thoughts and feelings will conditionrepparttar 122197 Power while it is inside of you.

Using this image, if you imagine that Power is energizing your body while you are breathing in, then Power is being directed to energize your body. If you imagine that Power is cleansing your mind and emotions while you are breathing out, then Power is being directed to eliminate any tensions and negativity from your mind and emotional nature. And if you combinerepparttar 122198 two images, then Power is being directed towards both goals with a phenomenal result!

There are many uses for Power Breathing, but this is perhapsrepparttar 122199 most useful. Another use for Power Breathing is for healing. If you imagine thatrepparttar 122200 air you are breathing in is bringing healing energies to whatever part of you is less than perfect, then you will be directing Power to heal that part of you. Make sure that you also includerepparttar 122201 image of any negativity or infection being eliminated from your body as you are breathing out.

It is also possible to "breathe in money" and "breathe out poverty". Or you could "breathe in love" and "breathe out loneliness". The possibilities are endless!

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