Pick a Category, Sell then Sell Again!

Written by David McKenzie

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You could selectrepparttar top 10 in Business to Business / Education orrepparttar 102547 top 10 in Health and Fitness / Diet and join each of those 10 affiliate programs.

Here is a little tip: each product is ranked by how many sales are made so you can be sure thatrepparttar 102548 top 10 in each category arerepparttar 102549 best sellers. It is better to become an affiliate ofrepparttar 102550 best sellers.

By joining 10 affiliate programs in one category you are still selling 10 different products as an affiliate but you will be far more focussed than 90% of all other affiliates. That is because you will be selling similar items.

This makes your marketing job just that bit easier. All products will be suitable torepparttar 102551 same market so you can sell each item to your email list over a period of time. This means you can sell up to 10 times torepparttar 102552 same list. This is much better than trying to sell golf clubs to fishermen!

Focus is one ofrepparttar 102553 true keys to success with affiliate programs. One way to focus is by selecting a particular category.

Selling 10 of a similar item torepparttar 102554 same audience is about 95% easier than selling 10 different things when it comes to affiliate programs.

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Diversify Or Die

Written by Robert Lear

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Will Knauer,repparttar Founder and CEO of smallofficecenter.com agreed to shed some light onrepparttar 102546 success ofrepparttar 102547 company. Coming from a web design background his company had designed and sold hundreds of unique websites to internet entrepreneurs.

Through this business he discovered a niche market wide open for development, professionally designed instant turnkey websites,repparttar 102548 demand was there but nobody was meeting it.

Small Office Center was born. Will began with richly designed Casinos, Malls and Domain Name Registration websites. Sales on Ebay, Yahoo and other auction sites were incredible and beyond expectation.

His company quickly branched out into Pay Per Click Search Engines, Auction Sites and eight other designs quickly followed based on demand from clients.

Will noticed two patterns emerge fromrepparttar 102549 auctions, he recieved constant emails fromrepparttar 102550 losing bidders wanting a custom made website similar torepparttar 102551 one they had failed to win and he also recieved many emails from internet entrepreneurs wanting to sell his designs as affiliates or at a wholesale price.

I have found that one auction will often lead to 3 or more custom orders from business hungry clients, many of his entrepreneurs are making a lucrative full time living from thier initial $99.00 dollar investment.

Small office center now caters mainly to webmaster entrepreneurs who resellrepparttar 102552 designs for high profits, some Pay Per Click Search Engines sell for $1000.00 or more at Ebay and other auction sites with an average set up cost of $15.00 and one hours work.

I not only sell them and host them but I actually own four myself which generate monthly income automatically and without demanding much of my time. I match them up with highly relavant searchphrase domain names andrepparttar 102553 search engine traffic results in good sales.

How do I do this? Well that is material for another article. Small Office Center is expanding allrepparttar 102554 time, they add several new turnkey websites each month torepparttar 102555 200 plus designs already available.

Takerepparttar 102556 tour of www.smallofficecenter.com and see for yourself, there are many extra bonuses to be found that I have not included here, then if you are still not convinced go to www.ebay.com and see his designs up for auction under "Businesses For Sale-Websites".

I highly recommend smallofficecenter.com as an added business enterprise to compliment your internet presence.

RESOURCES http://www.smallofficecenter.com http://www.ebay.com

Article by Robert Earl Lear

Journalist and Entrepreneur and owner of http://www.internetwebsitehost.com home of $25.00 a year hosting.

I am a script writer and journalist and internet business person. The article is free for distribution.

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