Picasso Vanished!

Written by Michael LaRocca

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At 3:30, Jan and I settled down to unpack while Picasso explored every nook and cranny when she wasn't rolling and purring to express her joy. "You love me! You really love me!" Deep down, she's insecure even though she shouldn't be. But hey, aren't we all?

No need to give yourepparttar play-by-play on allrepparttar 148328 interruptions to our unpacking. Lemme just skip ahead torepparttar 148329 part where Picasso vanished.

Harry came by withrepparttar 148330 former tenant, Mr. Yang. I was wiping uprepparttar 148331 spill from a broken bottle of Tabasco Sauce, and Mr. Yang walked right through it to show me howrepparttar 148332 gas works. This was his instructional bit. Here'srepparttar 148333 gas, here'srepparttar 148334 power, here'srepparttar 148335 water...

Suddenly, Jan wondered aloud, "Where's Picasso?" Oh no. Did she slip outrepparttar 148336 door when it was open and run away? All four of us were in a state of panic as we looked all overrepparttar 148337 flat.

I went downstairs and saw allrepparttar 148338 trees, bushes, and just generally good hiding places. I walked around saying "Picasso" or meowing, makingrepparttar 148339 neighbors wonder ifrepparttar 148340 first wei guo ren they'd ever seen moving into their apartment complex were representative ofrepparttar 148341 species.

Then I returned home hoping they'd found her. Nope. I tried upstairs this time. There's a gate atrepparttar 148342 sixth floor that's locked. It occurred to me that if I were a stranger and saw Picasso wandering around, I'd take her home. I went back downstairs and looked around some more, then headed back torepparttar 148343 flat hoping they'd found her.

No such luck, but Jan was coming down to take over for me. China Telecom had arrived, and allegedly I could tellrepparttar 148344 installer what to do, even though I speak neither techie nor Chinese. Good thing he didn't need my help.

Outside, Jan was retracing my steps. Inside, Mr. Yang was opening every cupboard door inrepparttar 148345 place looking for Picasso. Almost like a cat burglar, except that he wasn't ransacking. He was just looking for a cat. He's a very sweet man, byrepparttar 148346 way. He and Harry couldn't have been panicking as much as Jan was, because I don't think it's humanly possible, but they weren't far behind.

I was confident that Picasso was simply too clever for all of us, and was hiding somewhere we hadn't looked yet. Never mind that we'd tried every place we could think of. I'm a hopeless optimist, or maybe I just know my daughter.

I have no idea how much time elapsed before I noticed that a desk drawer wasn't completely shut. Picasso can go behindrepparttar 148347 desk, climb through a little hole, push drawers open from behind, and climb inside. I peeked intorepparttar 148348 drawer and saw two frightened little gold-green eyes. I quickly leftrepparttar 148349 room.

"I found her," I told Harry. "She's in a drawer. Just leave her there." He nodded his understanding and sighed his relief. Then I went outside.


She responded fromrepparttar 148350 gate atrepparttar 148351 sixth floor. I told you she was retracing my steps.

"I found her. She's in a drawer."

Jan and I entered our home just in time for me to hear Mr. Yang saying, I presume, "A drawer? Which one?" and then opening allrepparttar 148352 desk drawers until he found her.

Second fromrepparttar 148353 top. The one I'll always keep empty.

Earlier, unknown to me, Jan had told Harry that whenever a cat moves into a new home,repparttar 148354 first thing she does is find a place to hide in case of danger. How true that turned out to be. Meow!

Of course Picasso wouldn't leave us. Optimist or not, I was justified in believing that. We didn't abandon her. We're better thanrepparttar 148355 people who stuffed her in a Hong Kong donation box over two years ago, and we're sorry aboutrepparttar 148356 three-week separation that preceded her journey to Hangzhou. This time, she rode in a taxi with us. She hasn't stopped thanking us yet. As Harry himself said almost a year ago, "She really is a part of your family."

Picasso's been with us through five years, two provinces, three cities, and seven Chinese flats. We currently reside in Hangzhou, where I bicycle around on quests for tuna and cat litter while Picasso stays home being beautiful. She's the star of my free weekly newswletter, WHO MOVED MY RICE?, http://www.chinarice.org

Stop Cat Urine Smell By Removing Cat Litter Box Waste

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

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In order to keep The Cat happy, scoop out her production and deposit it into a plastic bag. Wraprepparttar bag tight, and select a wastebasket that's far enough away fromrepparttar 148279 cat litter box not to be noticeable by you and your cat. This might a neutral room whererepparttar 148280 cat litter box isn't located. Empty that wastebasket early and often to keep that part of your home from smelling like a litter box.

Even if you only have one cat, you may have more than one cat litter box. There are many kitties who like to have one box for liquid deposits, and another for solid waste. Here's a good rule of thumb for determiningrepparttar 148281 minimum number of cat litter boxes you need in your home:

"X" cats +1 = minimum number of cat litter boxes

Pretty easy, huh? If you have two cats, you need at least 3 cat litter boxes.

So if you do have more than one cat litter box, you'll need to check all of them on a regular basis. Many cats evacuate their bladder and bowels on a fairly regular basis, so you'll get a sense ofrepparttar 148282 time of day and/or evening you need to make your rounds. My cat Scout usually voids her bladder anytime between 4:30 AM - 5:30 AM. She usually passes solid waste about an hour later. Inrepparttar 148283 evening, she will urinate around 5:30 - 6:00PM, with a feces sample shortly afterward.

By knowingrepparttar 148284 approximate schedule your cat usesrepparttar 148285 litter box, you can plan your trips to check for scoopable products at fairly regular times. Her box is always clean and up to her standards. You can strategically position a waste can far away enough from all cat litter boxes in your home to keeprepparttar 148286 smell out of her cat litter box area, thus encouraging kitty to use her box allrepparttar 148287 time.

The Cat Urine Odor Advisor helps you save money and stop the damage in your household by offering solutions that work together to eliminate cat urine odor from your home.


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