Photographers Worldwide Unite to form their own Royalty Free Stock Photography Library

Written by Neil J Bradford

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I thought it was about time someone started a library offering really high quality stock photography at a flat low cost price that didn't get higherrepparttar more editions or posters were being printed, where it didn't matter ifrepparttar 145733 photo was being used on an inside page of a magazine orrepparttar 145734 front cover, where you could use repparttar 145735 image over and over again with no additional charges.... provides just that - One flat rate of $77.00 / £40.00 / €58.00 for a single image and discounts for multiple image purchases as below:

2-4 images (10% discount): $69.00 / £36.00 / €52.00 per image

5-9 images (20% discount): $61.00 / £32.00 / €47.00 pi

10-19 images (30% discount): $54.00 / £28.00 / €41.00 pi

20-40 images (40% discount): $46.00 / £24.00 / €35.00 pi

The majority of stock photos are taken using slide / positive film but where digital cameras have been used, onlyrepparttar 145736 highest quality digital images have been accepted.

The slide film used is either Fuji Velvia or Sensia at ASA50 or ASA100, then repparttar 145737 film is processed at FujiLab UK and scanned to CD at 450dpi and a physical size of 20cm x 13.5cm (8" x 5.5")

which is higher thanrepparttar 145738 industry standard requirement of 300dpi but means that these images are crystal clear if used as a front cover of a glossy magazine.

There's also a second option for web designers or for those with low budgets so low they can't even afford our low rates, subscibing to our service for a low monthly or annual rate and downloading almost an indefinite number of medium res' photos high enough res' to be used on printed material if reduced in physical size but easily high enough res' to be used for in-house posters or on web pages.

I set out to provide excellent quality stock photography at a very low and affordable price that would enable graphic designers, web site designers, art directors, picture desks and anybody else, to stretch their budgets further and not choke every time they ordered a photograph from an stock photography library.... I hope I have accomplished this in some small way.

Anybody wishing to purchase our images can visit us atrepparttar 145739 websites above and any keen photographers with quality work wishing to submit their work can also find a submissions page with further information on our website also.

Neil J Bradford studied Fine Art, Graphic Design and Photography at St Albans College of Art and Design, Watford College of Art and Design and Watford Technical College between 1979 and 1984.

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Written by Hiren

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We have all Gujarati books, and if you need any, just email us we would cater your needs or send yourepparttar information via email. We have posted all our published books, magazine, charts etc information on this site and would post all new releases regularly. So you can checkout on 1st of every month for new releases. You can also search our publication online by author or subject on our website.

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