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Number of active phishing sites reported in March, 2005: 2870 Number of brands hijacked by phishing campaigns: 78 Contains some form of target name in URL: 31% Country hostingrepparttar most number of phishing sites: United States of America Source:

Phishing attacks can be really sophisticated. Some time ago a flaw in Internet Explorer allowed hackers to display a false address while redirectingrepparttar 144911 user to an entirely different site making it almost impossible to distinguish a phishing attack from a legitimate email.

Possible solutions:

New technologies can provide a better means of countering phishers. One option being explored by a lot of banks isrepparttar 144912 use of a secure token, a small electronic gadget that generates a unique password to be entered each time a user logs ontorepparttar 144913 web site. This would make a phishing attack useless because withoutrepparttar 144914 physical possession of a token it is impossible to accessrepparttar 144915 account. This approach is somewhat similar to what is used at Automated Teller Machines aroundrepparttar 144916 world where you need to have bothrepparttar 144917 card andrepparttar 144918 Pin number in order to userepparttar 144919 machine.

One option is to use a technology popularly knows as PassMarks that effectively acts as a second password. After enteringrepparttar 144920 user name a unique image pre selected byrepparttar 144921 user is displayed before s/he is asked forrepparttar 144922 password. Ifrepparttar 144923 proper image is not displayedrepparttar 144924 user will come to know that s/he is not onrepparttar 144925 authentic site. Another option that a lot of organizations are exploring is using text messages instead of email messages. Text messages cost money to send, so Spammers are less likely to partake inrepparttar 144926 process making it easier to distinguish between legitimate messages and fakes.

Ashish Jain M6.Net

Charitable Giving Online

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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I work as an Internet writer so I've been checking out some ofrepparttar charities on-line. Giving is so easy these days, just a push of some buttons on your computer and you could make a positive change torepparttar 144910 world, no matter how smallrepparttar 144911 change, all actions in life have their reactions and repercussions. Check out Oxfam International, Plan International, World Wildlife Foundation, Red Cross, Unicef, Care International, World Vision, and Greenpeace just to name a few. You can also look up smaller organizations that work in your local area. A lot ofrepparttar 144912 web sites are very well constructed and you can read all about their campaigns, policies, how to donate, and even how to get involved yourself if you really want to be proactive as a volunteer.

The Oxfam International site is really interesting especially if you are one ofrepparttar 144913 skeptics who don't believe thatrepparttar 144914 money actually goes where it is meant to after being filtered by administration etc. They give annual reports, strategic plans, mission and vision statements etc. so we can know exactly what they are doing. I can't sayrepparttar 144915 same for all charities that exist, so do your research.

The World Wildlife Foundation also has a very professional website with a multitude of information inrepparttar 144916 form of News articles and interesting facts. There are many cool photos of Nature and unfortunately ofrepparttar 144917 misuse of it by humanity. Likerepparttar 144918 Oxfam site you can subscribe for a free monthly newsletter to see what new causes and case studies are onrepparttar 144919 agenda. Reading these can make you a little sad but there is usually at least an equal amount of positive stories about progress fromrepparttar 144920 hard work done. I like reading these newsletters more than current affairs articles that usually have only a couple 'happy' stories that are often just silly and irrelevant (though I do think having a laugh after allrepparttar 144921 death and chaos is better than nothing).

So check out some of these sites, they may help to redeem your faith in humanity as well as remind you ofrepparttar 144922 bigger picture that you are part of. In seeingrepparttar 144923 wider perspective you may just realize that you can make a difference.

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer is a firm believer that a butterfly flapping its wings in Jamaica can cause a storm in India. Every action has its reaction no matter how small, so it may be time to give a hand and we'll see what comes of our generosity.

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