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Lenny: Git R Done Philbert: Those should work just fine for our SEO Website. Lenny: Content is always key, so let’s just start typing and we can edit later. Philbert: Sorepparttar title will be. “If you are Hunting & Fishing with your Hound dog by your side, a can of beer in one hand and a cigarette inrepparttar 143814 other, watching Nascar as Jr roundsrepparttar 143815 bend, listening to Free bird you can still Create SEO Articles.” Lenny: You are Da Man! Philbert: About a paragraph should do for content. Lenny: Here’s what I got so far: “Even if you are out inrepparttar 143816 woods on your laptop with an AOL connection of 24kbs, Fishing and Hunting, listening to free bird while watching NASCAR you can still be an SEO and write an article.” Philbert: Perfect. Time to submit torepparttar 143817 article submission place. Lenny: You know any? Philbert: I thought you did. Lenny: Hummm, how do we find out? Philbert: No clue. Lenny: Well I guess we will have to wait, hand me another beer.

So Philbert & Lenny never did get their Awesome SEO Article published, but they caught some fish, polished off a case of beer and listened to Free Bird repeatedly.

Philbert & Lenny

Resident SEO Redneck Experts.

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SEO Training - Avoid making this costly mistake!

Written by Joe Duchesne

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How do frames prevent high rankings?

If you go to any web site that has frames, right click anywhere onrepparttar page, and choose 'view source', you'll notice thatrepparttar 143675 HTML that comes up has nothing to do withrepparttar 143676 text onrepparttar 143677 page. The main frameset usually callsrepparttar 143678 other frames for content and doesn't contain much relevant content on its own. At best, this hurtsrepparttar 143679 importance placed on your target keywords (known as keyword prominence) and at worst, it prevents your real text from even being seen byrepparttar 143680 search engine. Either way, these effects are undesirable.

"I have to use frames, is there no hope?"

If you have to use frames, you will want to make sure that your main frameset page is optimized for your target keywords. Make sure it has a relevant title, meta keyword and meta description and that is contains at least a little text onrepparttar 143681 topic ofrepparttar 143682 keyword.

Avoid frames at all cost

The disadvantages of using frames for your web site greatly outweigh any perceived advantage for easier navigation or any desired design effect. I would recommend that you avoid using frames at all costs.

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