Pets get diabetes too

Written by Nick Carmichael

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and its assay can therefore be used to assist inrepparttar diagnosis of diabetes mellitus as well as monitoringrepparttar 125852 effectiveness of insulin therapy in diabetic patients. Fructosamine values are not influenced by acute fluctuations in blood glucose making them more useful than single glucose measurements taken from stressed or anorexic patients, or animals on glucose containing IV fluids. In some cases however they can be used in conjunction with serial glucose curves to assessrepparttar 125853 short and long term response to insulin administration.

Please contact your veterinary surgeon for further details or if you have any concerns about your pets.

Further information on fructosamine can be found at:

Nick graduated from Edinburgh Veterinary School in 1980 with an Honours degree in Pathological Sciences and in 1982 as a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. In 2003 Nick became a diplomate of the Royal college of Pathologists in veterinary clinical pathology.

Kids and Pets, will it work?

Written by Mariangie González

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How can I keep my child healthy and safe around a pet? 1. Choose your pets wisely, if you don’t already own a pet, study and learn fromrepparttar different breeds and species, you will find that some are specially “kid friendly”. 2. Consider any allergies a family member could have, before acquiring a pet. Consult with your kid’s pediatrician about any allergies that may be present. 3. Take your pet torepparttar 125851 veterinary to a general check up before you bring it home.

* Always supervise interaction between pets and kids. * Teach your child not to touch any pet, unless you say it’s OK to do so. * Never leave pets and kids unattended. Kids tend to play rough and that could provoke an attack or harm a small pet. * Make sure your child stays away whilerepparttar 125852 pet is eating, sleeping or taking care of its own offspring. * Teach your child to keep a good hygiene, not to touchrepparttar 125853 pet droppings and wash his hands after playing withrepparttar 125854 pet. * Treat immediately any scratch or bite caused by a pet. Consult with your child’s pediatrician ifrepparttar 125855 scratch or bite tears your child’s skin.

Mariangie González is an Agronomist with a major in Animal Science and runs the day-to-day operations of her home-based business and website which carries natural pet care, pet aromatherapy, holistic pet health, pet toys, pet jewelry and much more. She can also help you start your own home-based 100% natural pet supplies business, you can visit online at:

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