Petitioning for Your Needs

Written by Isaac Nwokogba

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Fear is another thing that often defeats our efforts. Let's assume you've identified employment as your need, and you are middle aged. Throughout your life, you've worked in a certain field and have become an expert in that field. You now find yourself unemployed. How do you go about petitioning for employment?

In this illustration, it is not easy to approach petitions without filling your mind with all negative thoughts: "Who will hire a person of my age," or, "Would it be difficult for someone of my age to find a job?" "How can I compete with all these young people?" "I can't do anything else," or "Doing so or so is all I know how to do." You may unconsciously fail before you start by placing a severe limitation on what you want done by thinking, "I have to find a job in my field."

To avoid sabotaging your efforts, it is important to reexamine your identified need. Ask yourself what being employed would do for you. Is it possible you miss your morning routine of waking up at a certain time inrepparttar morning, dressing and leavingrepparttar 122319 house for work? Is it possible you miss being in a work environment where you are constantly in contact with coworkers? Is it possible you missrepparttar 122320 sense of accomplishment you had when you were employed?

After reexamining your need, you may discover being employed is not what you need; you need those benefits being employed brings to your life. You should then visualize yourself enjoyingrepparttar 122321 very things you want from being employed. Again, it shouldn't matter if someone calls you up and wantsrepparttar 122322 services of a very experienced person like you on a consulting basis. It shouldn't matter if a nonprofit organization needs a mature, experienced individual like you to advise them on certain aspect of their business. You shouldn't care how you once again enjoyrepparttar 122323 things employment brings to your life, and it doesn't have to be inrepparttar 122324 same field.


Here is a story of someone I've known for years. She was a very healthy lady in her sixties when she lost her job through forced retirement. She had worked inrepparttar 122325 same job for a very long time. Being very active and having financial obligations to meet, she didn't want to retire just yet. When I talked to her before her last day onrepparttar 122326 job, I asked her,

"What are you going to do now?" "I don't know," she replied, "but I know I have to do something."

Think about her response again. You can't get any more positive, more determined, and full of confidence than this. It doesn't matter if her positive attitude, determination, and confidence were driven by fear or need. I was very happy for her, because I knew then she was onrepparttar 122327 right track and her needs would be met. I knew then she had triggered an unconscious petition, and her positive attitude and confidence were an outward confirmation of a petition granted, whether she realized it or not. It's one thing to proclaim how positive we are, but it is another thing to live positively and let our positive outlook on life radiate and shine through when faced with difficult situations.

The next day following her last day onrepparttar 122328 job, this wonderful lady was back inrepparttar 122329 building where she used to work. She attended and sat through all public meetings as she did when she worked there. A few days later when I saw her, she handed me a nicely done business card withrepparttar 122330 business name, "I-Search." During breaks, she would stop to talk torepparttar 122331 consultants, lawyers, and business people she had known while working atrepparttar 122332 place. She would hand them her business card and let them know she no longer worked in her past position and could do research for them. Who wouldn't want an experienced, dependable person like her to do research for them? This lady's story should serve as an inspiration to many. She continues to enjoyrepparttar 122333 contact with her former coworkers and associates while working in a different capacity and is being paid for it.

She may not have recognized it, but in her moment of anxiety, she obviously triggered into motion certain natural forces, which in turn, generatedrepparttar 122334 ideas she needed. Ideas are just that - ideas, and are meaningless until they are put in action. If she didn't follow up on these ideas as they occurred to her, she probably would still be waiting forrepparttar 122335 answers to her needs, and wondering why they were not forthcoming.

What would you do if you were in this lady's situation? Would you limit yourself throughrepparttar 122336 negative thoughts of your mind? Would you recognize an answer to your petition when you receive one? For a detailed discussion aboutrepparttar 122337 subject of petitions, please see another one of my books, Seeds of Luck: The ABCs of Creating Your Heart's Desires.

A lifelong student of Christianity, spirituality, metaphysical traditions, and traditional African religions, Isaac Nwokogba has written three books and published many articles on various aspects of spirituality. Seeds of Luck focuses on the cosmic law of manifestation and America, Here I Come examines the law of compensation. His latest book, Voices from Beyond: The God Force, the Other Side, and You is scheduled for release in May 2004.

What is the Nature of the Creator

Written by Dr. P.C. Simon

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Then I changedrepparttar focus of my investigation. The next question I posed was with what substance didrepparttar 122318 Creator createrepparttar 122319 universe? I could not find a satisfactory answer even for that question.

Thereforerepparttar 122320 next question was "What was there forrepparttar 122321 Creator to create with?" I realised that before anything was created, onlyrepparttar 122322 Creator existed and nothing else. This is axiomatic and needs no proof. The Creator had only His/Her own substance. There was nothing else inrepparttar 122323 universe. Therefore he had to create with His own substance.

That meansrepparttar 122324 substance ofrepparttar 122325 creation andrepparttar 122326 substance ofrepparttar 122327 Creator isrepparttar 122328 same. Ifrepparttar 122329 substance isrepparttar 122330 same,repparttar 122331 nature must berepparttar 122332 same. Thenrepparttar 122333 nature ofrepparttar 122334 tangible, observable and knowable creation, isrepparttar 122335 nature ofrepparttar 122336 intangible, invisible, unknowable Creator. By studyingrepparttar 122337 nature ofrepparttar 122338 creation, I will knowrepparttar 122339 nature ofrepparttar 122340 Creator. This was an exhilarating idea and I was overjoyed. But very soon it ended in disappointment.

For there are millions of substances inrepparttar 122341 universe, organic, inorganic, chemical or physical, natural or artificial, solid, liquid, and on and on and each substance has dozens of natures or qualities. Which nature of which substance am I to study? I found it impossible to study all natures of all objects inrepparttar 122342 universe in my life time. I was about to give up in disgust.

Then an intuitive information appeared. Sincerepparttar 122343 substance isrepparttar 122344 same for all creation there must be a common nature among them. If so, what is that common nature? So, I looked for common natures and I found many common natures. There were many substances with common natures such as liquid, solid, smooth or rough, hard or soft, natures common to many substances but I could not find one nature common to all substances.

Finally, when I was about to give up in disgust, as if by providential nudging, I hit upon gravity. Gravity is attraction or love. That could berepparttar 122345 nature ofrepparttar 122346 creator!

Dr. Simon is a retired research microbiologist, author, philosopher, and philanthropist.

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