Pet Nutrition Basics for Dogs & Cats

Written by Chrissie Cole

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Fiber (derived from plants) isrepparttar indigestible substance in food. A minimal amount of fiber is essential for proper food digestion. Without proper fiber intake, pets would suffer from diarrhea which could then result in more potential health problems and risks.

Poor quality pet foods include a higher amount of fiber because its cheaper then fatty acids and this in turn will make your pet product more stools then average. The proper amount of fiber will mean less pooper scooping for you,repparttar 137337 pet owner!

Vitamins and minerals are needed in small amounts but they are essential to your pets health. Calcium and phosphorus (parts ofrepparttar 137338 bone) sodium (essential part ofrepparttar 137339 ofrepparttar 137340 enzymes system) and iron (component of hemoglobin) are just a few ofrepparttar 137341 many essential vitamins and minerals needed for your pets optimal health and nutrition.

The last ingredient found in pet foods is preservatives. Preservatives are needed to preventrepparttar 137342 food from oxidizing – without preservatives inrepparttar 137343 dog food,repparttar 137344 ingredients would quickly diminish.

So there you have it – Basic nutrition tips that will assure your pet is receiving a well balanced diet that will assure his overall health and well being. We hope this article will make it a little easier for you to help maintain your pets diet now that you understand more of what he needs!

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Puppy Housebreaking 101

Written by Chrissie Cole

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Never carry your puppy outside! You should choose a command to signal him it is time to go outside and that should berepparttar command you always use – puppies like and need a routine that they will become familiar with. When he makes it outrepparttar 137336 door and does finish his business, praise him – puppies also love attention and affection, let him know he did a good job for his master!

4- Some days will be harder than others but if he makes a mistake inrepparttar 137337 house, try to ignore itrepparttar 137338 first time. Yelling at him or swatting him will only makerepparttar 137339 training process harder for you and your dog scared! Avoid negativity at all cost. Again, we know this might be hard after a day atrepparttar 137340 office and dealing withrepparttar 137341 kids but you will be thankful later!

5 – If you will be leaving your puppy alone for a couple of hours, barricade off a corner ofrepparttar 137342 house or use a dog crate but don’t just leave him free to roamrepparttar 137343 house! Puppies usually will not toiletrepparttar 137344 area in which they sleep.

Take your puppy outside right before putting him inrepparttar 137345 crate and then take him outside again immediately upon returning home. Don’t leave any water down onrepparttar 137346 floor while in this housebreaking process, if you are gone too long he may not be able to help it and have to go. Do make sure to leave him plenty of toys to keep him busy.

A crate can be a very helpful training tool for your dog while inrepparttar 137347 training process and not wanting to give him full reign ofrepparttar 137348 house just yet. This will happen over time. But remember along with bathroom accidents, puppies like to chew and they will chew anything in their path if they are able to reach it and you aren’t there to tell him “No!”

In closing, Praise your puppy and set him up on a routine,repparttar 137349 end result will be a happy dog and a happy dog lover!

Chrissie Cole Owner of Indulge Your Pet - a site dedicated to providing information and resources for dog lovers, cat lovers and horse lovers.

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