Pet Loss: Should You Clone Your Cat?

Written by Gary Nugent

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The Risks To Owners

The potential for consumer fraud is also an issue. Clones tend to be ordered by people who are grievingrepparttar loss of a much-loved pet and who may have unrealistically high expectations of their clones. Although they share identical genetic profiles, clones do not always resemble originals because coat patterns are not strictly genetically determined. Personalities and behavior patterns are even less predictable onrepparttar 150053 basis of genetics alone. All personalities are products of some basic genetics, andrepparttar 150054 environment in whichrepparttar 150055 animal is raised and, since a particular environment can never be perfectly recreated (there's always a random element) personalities will, most likely, be different as well in any clone. "Consumers are likely underrepparttar 150056 impression that a clone is a carbon copy. We believe they are being misled," AAVS policy analyst Crystal Miller-Spiegel said.

David Magnus, director of Stanford University's Center for Biomedical Ethics, spoke more bluntly. "People are not getting what they think they're getting," Magnus said. "This is a $50,000 rip-off."

There is certainly a war of words beginning betweenrepparttar 150057 cloning businesses andrepparttar 150058 AAVS. It's likely to become a more contentious issue as there's potentially a lot of money to be made (at $50,000 per kitten) and companies may seerepparttar 150059 AAVS's concerns as hurting those potential profits. It's going to be a case of "Watch This Space".


Personally, however, cloning is one option I'm not in favor of but it might be for you if you're looking at replacing a pet that's died. As I mentioned above,repparttar 150060 clone may look identical to your lost companion butrepparttar 150061 personality will likely be different. That's not to sayrepparttar 150062 personality will be better or worse, just different. Look at it this way - how many sets of identical twins haverepparttar 150063 same personalities despite havingrepparttar 150064 same genetic make-up and being raised inrepparttar 150065 same environment? There are always random factors involved. Every personality is unique and passes by this way only once.

If you find yourself in a position where you would consider cloning to be an option that will help you cope withrepparttar 150066 death of your cat, you should do some background reading first. The National Geographic have a news item on pet cloning and some people's reaction to it.

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Dog Health Advice: Fur Not Good Sunscreen

Written by Joel Walsh

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• Some breeds, like Weimaraners and Boxers, are predisposed to cancer. Therefore, they must have extra protection fromrepparttar sunburns and UV rays to avoid a kind of skin cancer.

How you can protect your pets:

Think aboutrepparttar 150029 precautions that you take to prevent yourself from sunburn and UV exposure. You stay out ofrepparttar 150030 sun atrepparttar 150031 peak hours like noon to 3PM, use sunblock and cover up, don’t you? Those same suggestions can work for your dog.

Sunburn prevention tips especially for dogs:

• Be sure that your dog is insiderepparttar 150032 house or in a shaded area duringrepparttar 150033 sun’s peak hours, even on overcast days.

• Apply sunblock torepparttar 150034 bridge ofrepparttar 150035 dog’s nose, ear tips and other small, sensitive areas wheneverrepparttar 150036 dog is outside for more than a few minutes.

• Consider some sort of covering for your dog. Some veterinarians say thatrepparttar 150037 most important and effective protection is a type of bodysuit for dogs, which is designed to block ultraviolet rays and prevent sunburn.

Inrepparttar 150038 end, it's still good dog health advice to let your dog play outdoors. But spare your “best friend”repparttar 150039 pain of sunburn and its consequences.

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