Pet Grooming Business

Written by Randy Wilson

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To keep on top of animal grooming trends you should plan to attend local dog and cat shows, and go to pet grooming industry expos, and conventions. You should subscribe to industry magazines as well, and checkrepparttar internet frequently. It is a font of knowledge and there are web sites, such as that are there to help people start their animal grooming business, obtain training, and calendars of events.

Since you are working for yourself, you have to rely on your ability to keep customers happy. This means always being available for set appointments, maintaining a clean work area, and being professional at all times. Even though you work from home, or out of a van, professionalism keeps your clients coming to you and not another pet grooming business.

There are many ways to get into this industry. You can purchase a franchise, which give yourepparttar 136509 credibility of an established name. You can purchase a local pet grooming business that is currently for sale. Of course, you can start your own grooming business.

You should check with your local government for any zoning, licensure, and insurance requirements for your business. This is very important and could berepparttar 136510 difference of your grooming business succeeding or failing. A dog grooming business is still a business no mater how much fun you have doing it.

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Write from Home: lessons from the editors

Written by Stephanie Olsen

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3. Regurgitating

There may be nothing new underrepparttar sun, but at least try to give your article a unique twist or perspective. To my knowledge, I've never been rejected onrepparttar 136496 grounds of simply rehashing; however, as an editor myself, I've turned down many submissions due to repetitive themes and outlooks.

It's shocking how far some writers go to avoid writing: I obtained permission from a recent journalism grad to reprint a wonderful article of hers that I'd stumbled across. While doing research intorepparttar 136497 topic (for purposes of artwork), I foundrepparttar 136498 exact same article. Verbatim. Written by someone else.

Use those No/Low-Pay Markets

I'm still using those free articles to get paying jobs: clips from a couple of humor parenting stories written nearly five years ago pulled in two assignments from national US print publications. Similarly, I base everything I write on rejection lessons learned overrepparttar 136499 years: studyrepparttar 136500 publication (not justrepparttar 136501 guidelines); put yourself as a reader of that magazine; flip your angle, dig deep and work hard for originality.

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